Gerald Ford Saddam Hussein Death Mashup

Anyone else find CNN’s coverage of Gerald Ford’s death a little insensitive? (Click to view large)

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    Credit goes to Jordan for his idea of a celebrity obituary mashup!

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    Nation mourns Gerald Ford, “Soul Brother Number One.”

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    Jerry Ford’s death was a fake, and he was given to the Shiites in exchange for political favors and coke(cain).

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    Who gives a shit about Iraqi dictators theses days? Surely there are more important issues such as global warming, ice-caps melting, crazy assed weather and moving to a Hydrogen economy, that CNN could be spending more time covering.

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    if only

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    or the effects of population control in China i.e. more men then women. However terrorists need to be taken care of.
    More likely it’s easier to cover the Iraq war then heart wrenching issues requiring deep thinking and dramatic build up. Costs less money and time for the same value. ratings ratings ratings
    CNN are biast try BBC

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    wot was he scared of a ghost?

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    Emm CNN really have “cold” attitude… Emm but american soldiers weren’t dieing (dying :D i don’t know how it spells :D) from Arabian hands BEFORE Iraqi (oil) war! Mindless W.Bush and Goverment itself said they want to make Iraq a democratic country (bullcrap) but actually they just give a fuck to democracy in Iraq, OIL is the thing they need!!! Iraqi oil reserves wort 4 trillion $, good sum eh?! Fu*ki*g americans with big-engine cars and so on… YOU ALL ARE KILLING US – the normal world!!!

    You’re also killing your own people for “democracy”!

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