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January 28, 2008

A River of Tears for Heath Ledger

While leaving work today I was slightly miffed to discover that the 6 train was out of commission due to a water main break. But thanks to my trusty G9 (which I’d forgotten I was carrying), I was able to venture back above ground and photograph some of the commotion.

After growing tired of watching the fat, overpaid city employees staring slack-jawed at water pumping equipment as if they were professional mouth breathers, I realized that I was only a block away from where they found Heath Ledger’s corpse. So I went over to 421 Broome St and took some snapshots there as well. The photos aren’t the best in the world, but they’re photos I wouldn’t have if not for my Canon G9. Canon should use me for one of their commercials.

Keep reading for the photos.

UPDATE: More info about my thoughts on the Canon G9 can be found here.

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January 27, 2008

Apple Soundtrack

As if all the sound effects of the Mac OSX interface weren’t annoying enough, I decided to take things a step too far. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Due to popular demand, I’m posting the GarageBand file I created that’s responsible for this madness. Feel free to have your way with it. Download the zip here. Also, here’s an m4a audio file for those brave souls who want to risk this song suddenly coming on during a Party Shuffle.

Stronger, Faster

Hopefully you’ll notice that the site is much faster now. It seems the problem was the Kimili Flash Embed WordPress Plugin, which for the record, blows. I just switched to the Flashifier Plugin, and everything seems much snappier now.

January 24, 2008

iPhone Friend Locator – Kinda Proof of Concept

Here’s a pretty cool idea I wouldn’t mind seeing incorporated into the iPhone: the ability to see where your friends are on the Google Maps application. (By friends, I mean your friends with iPhones or other locatable devices.) For security, it would only allow you to look for and be found by people in your list of contacts. Here’s a mockup of how it would look if someone’s looking for you. Bitchin.

January 22, 2008

Graphic Designer Prank

Hate your job as a graphic designer? Don’t forget to do this before you quit.

January 18, 2008

iPhone Gripe

A cool feature I noticed about the iPhone is that I don’t need to eject it from iTunes before unplugging it from my computer. Why can’t Apple figure out how to do this with a friggin iPod???

January 15, 2008


The web’s newest and most smartest cartoon, Ugbun the Ugly Bunny.

January 14, 2008

Radiohead Grandpa

While spending some time with my girlfriend and her grandfather this weekend, I spotted a self-portrait of him from the 80s that bore a striking resemblance to Thom Yorke from Radiohead. (Click to view large.) Creeeeeepy….

January 9, 2008

InDesign CS3 Benchmarks

While the web is buzzing with reports about how much faster Photoshop CS3 is on Intel Macs, there’s nary an article on the impressive speed improvements in InDesign CS3. As of this writing, if you search for "indesign benchmarks" or "indesign cs3 benchmarks" you get an astonishing combined total of one result (compared to about 2,000 results for "photoshop benchmarks" and "photoshop cs3 benchmarks").

So I fired up InDesign CS2 and CS3, whipped out my stopwatch, and set out to do some InDesign CS3 benchmarks of my own. And you thought your Wednesday night was awesome!

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The iPhone auto-suggests TriBeCa but not SoHo

I discovered this morning that the iPhone is so hip, it’ll auto-suggest the proper spelling of TriBeCa. But interestingly (that is, if you find this stuff interesting, which is doubtful) it won’t auto-suggest “SoHo” when you type soho.