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October 25, 2013

Incredible Robotic Dancing

This is some of the best “robotic” dancing I’ve ever seen. (Essential to watch with audio.)

Via Colossal

October 8, 2013

Great Parallax Website

This Danny Brown story by Complex Magazine is really well done.

This feels like the forefront of online publishing to me. My spidey-sense tells me that if it looks amazing and is very difficult to build, you’re doing it right; very similar to how painstaking it was to lay out a magazine in the 1950s.

A Few Good Celebrity Impressions

This guy’s Arnold Schwarzenegger is impeccable.

And this guy does a phenomenal Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt, and more.

Via Reddit

October 7, 2013

Steve Jobs and the Leadup to the iPhone

This New York Times article about Apple’s internal prep for the iPhone is a great read. One of my favorite quotes is about how Steve Jobs would belittle employees.

Very rarely did I see him become completely unglued — it happened, but mostly he just looked at you and very directly said in a very loud and stern voice, ‘You are [expletive] up my company,’ or, ‘If we fail, it will be because of you.’


October 3, 2013

Cool Interactive Cloth Simulation

All done with basic web technologies. Very cool.

See the Pen Tear-able Cloth by suffick (@stuffit) on CodePen

Via The Loop