A thought on conspiracy theories and the November 2008 elections

Volatile Subject Alert: I’m not taking a side here, just voicing a thought I had today. I think that regardless of your political persuasions, this post poses an interesting question.

If the current administration is so power-hungry and has done even half of the truly deplorable, conspiracy-laden, dishonest things it’s thought to have done by many Americans (like the 9/11 conspiracies, anthrax attacks, election rigging… that type of stuff), then do you really think they’ll be complacent in letting a Democrat like Barack Obama get elected into office?

Either The Powers That Be are planning some really spectacular terrorist attack(s) to scare us into voting Republican before the November elections, or they’re not as bad as the conspiracy theorists say they are.

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    Or… they realize that their half-assed attempts of covering things up have become so transparent that they hope that a transition will help them hide their mistakes and cover up all the loose ends just by making the general public change focus from those issues to new ones.

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    What about a spectacular terrorist attack that forces them to cancel the election altogether?

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    I think the 9/11 conspiracy people are quiet on this one because they’re hoping that if a democrat gets in they will be able to afford to take their meds again.

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    You presume their competency level is such that they could pull off such a feat. Prior events (believe they were conspiracy or not) could have been pulled off with much less trouble than at present because the public at large was still in the “they can’t be THAT stupid” mindset. Now, the population is wise to the ways of these monkeys. Funny business will not be easily pulled. We can hope anyway.

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    interesting post. here’s a different “what if” :

    what if the game is set up so that certain people win no matter who becomes president? if obama manages to get elected and inaugurated, he will be walking into an impossible situation: an economy worse than anyone has figured out quite yet, a totally unstable geopolitical situation, a nation almost perfectly polarized, and a list of crimes and criminals from the previous administration that is so long that it would take the country decades to investigate and prosecute. it’s almost better for the “bad guys” if obama wins! people think we’ve hit bottom as a country, but unfortunately it’s far from the truth. if we hit bottom under a democrat, all the better they think. that would go a long way to explaining why McSame appears to be intentionally botching his campaign…

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    George W. Bush sucks balls. MY balls.

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