I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Ants are effing amazing. I recently videotaped some of those little fuckers negotiating a giant piece of a wafer cookie through a vertical opening I made in a wall outside my hotel room in Mexico with my checkbook propped up with a piece of plastic deck furniture. You wish your life was as exciting as mine.

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    Little bastards are cohesive. You wanna really test them, see how long they can swim, at some point or another they’ll stop moving those little arms of theres. At my job, as a lifeguard i have access to chemicals and of course being the weirdo i am, i mixed granular chlorine with muriatic acid, when mixed they create an dangerous acid that burns violently, poor ants where dead on contact.

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    Bob. I think you are my long lost brother.

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    o.k. Mike, Now can I have that 2:25 minutes of my life back?
    Kidding bro.. Kind of cool. Why were you doing THIS in mexico bro? Maybe go surfing or take in a donkey show or something?

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    Checkbook? I thought mexicans only dealt in either hardcash and/or drugs? Had you blocked the wall with a bale of cheech i bet they would have eaten the cookies al fresco.

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    Mr Longden… THAT made me laugh… hard.

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    Thanks Mike, i try to be as twisted as possible while staying within the bounds of sanity and still having morally right actions…..well to an extent.

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    next time could be you…..

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    One of the beast forums I ever read. You bastards.

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    its amazing what they will do for food. never give up. size does not matter.

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    …provoke them at your peril …the invasion is coming!

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