“Breaking News” Style Spam

I’ve always gotten a lot of spam, but recently the “subject” fields have taken on a “breaking news” headline style. Has anyone else noticed this?

Schwarzenegger Admits Starting California Wildfires

Obama sex tape

Myanmar declares hate for Australians

Dead baby penguins found in Brazil

Larry King shot dead at home

If Barack Obama Is An Oreo, What Is John Mclaughlin

Cannibalism!……..In The Usa

Raw footage of snake swallowing horse

Horse kicks Ralph Lauren in stomach

Tissue Box Help Sign Savves Ellderly Women Trapped In Hot Car

Brinng your wife We’ll fucck her! That’s right we’ll fuckk your wife! :)

OK, that last one isn’t in the “breaking news” style, but I actually laughed out loud the first time I read it. It’s the smily face that does it for me.

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    How about some nice ones from my inbox:

    God Destroys Boise For Not Being Gay Enough

    Existence of Poor People A Surprise, Says Bush

    Snake caught swallowing horse

    Vaginas or not

    Janice To Have Other Leg Removed

    [audio] Church Group Offers Homosexual New Life In Closet

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    Ar the monkeys the most beautiful animals?

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    That elderly woman sure still has her wits about her to fashion a help sign from a tissue box…kudos to you Grandma McGyver!

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    One I got today: Britney destroys satellite with her vagina.

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    I actually wrote that God Destroys Boise article for some internet humor magazine some years back-

    God Destroys Boise for Not Being Gay Enough

    The Right Reverend Thor Jonthon, a prominent San Francisco-based evangelical preacher, has posted on his church’s website that the recent devastations of the midwest by flood is the direct result of Iowa and the midwest in general not being gay enough and “way too conservative in their everyday life.”

    When asked why his interpretation of God’s will when it comes to destroying certain areas of the country differs so greatly from those of other religious extremists like Falwell, Hagee and Robertson, who claimed that God struck this country for being too tolerant of gays, the snake-handling reverend simply said, “because those guys are crazy.”

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