Burglars Beware

I spent yesterday in Buck’s Country PA and was very impressed the town’s old fashioned flair. It was perfectly summed up by the sign on this Bank’s alarm box. Click here for a close-up.

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    I bet one good shot from a M40A3 could take care of that alarm. Isn’t that right Alexandr?

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    I probably should have told everyone, but Alexandr has been banned from this site. He started trying to post in Russian again so I politely reminded him that I only allow English comments on my website. He didn’t like that. After responding to me with a rude response and calling me a rasist [sic], I politely explained my English-only comment policy (which isn’t racist, if anyone cares to know) and offered him a chance to apologize. He continued berating me with more (improperly spelled) insults, so I banned him from commenting. Then he promised to use his network of Russian hackers to bring this site down, and proclaimed that he is god and I am nothing. So Alexandr, if you’re god, it means you’re all-knowing, which means you know my WordPress password and will be able to un-ban yourself from this site. Good luck – see you in the comments!


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    Well now I just feel like a schmuck. :P

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    “Cheese it, boys, this place is locked up tighter than a dolphin’s asshole.”

    Also, I didn’t really like Airheads.

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