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November 14, 2017

I trained an A.I. to generate alternative band names

I’ve been messing around with machine learning lately. It’s cool.

Inspired by Dan Hon’s article “I trained an A.I. to generate British placenames” I used the same techniques to generate a bunch of alternative band names from this data.

Here are some of my favorites. See you at the Dong Muse show!

Ala Rlaga
Banda Bums
Benam Torus
Bind Ride
Birdy Chind
Bish Sors
Blart on Yastip
Boove Purs
Carter Fiber
Chewic Tornes
Dant Calle
Dative Gains
Day Jaden
Dead Stars
Dear Curuse
Dong Muse
Ellam Chanter
Evinc Meat
Fick Farret
For Band Fewter
Got Erado
Grey Torley
Herlack Shins
Jool Eape
Kitte Day
Lame Meth
Manty The Stalk
Maping Sidpine
Mothing the Lean
Pabon Sonker
Pirllay Kobeck
Rollling Belds
Saydon Cotestins
The 1’H
The 3
The Arkers
The Avistiry
The Bad Sores
The Bavenan
The Bland
The Blokes
The Camolboos
The Chills
The Churchens
The Cleat
The Crami
The Crans
The Crapens
The Dadkind Blind
The Dradal Beats
The Endorras
The Fapinean
The Five Maves
The Frey
The Gilders
The Gorkers
The Kild
The Lucadenthon
The Mackings
The Modhen
The Moles
The Morkern
The Porres
The Pratent
The Prinnesicle
The Puviser
The Ravelline
The Soon
The Spians
The Suntster
The Swemties
The Uf Nerge
The Vot Paidies
The Wees
The Younds
Thish Meman
Whean Rils

October 20, 2016

Dynamic Projection Mapping

Damn. They’re getting pretty good at this.

August 30, 2015

Ben Cahn Messes With Randy Mancuso

Randy Mancuso is a talented Vine star and Ben Cahn is great at messing with him. Check out Randy’s original videos, and Ben’s audio-modified versions. The level of precision in Cahn’s mockeries is commendable.

Enjoy more on Randy’s Vine account, and Ben’s Vine account.

August 21, 2015

Interactive Subway Station Maps

I’ve been having way too much fun with these. Last week I made an interactive sharable NYC subway map called “What’s Your Subway Station Number” and it’s been making its way around the web, being covered by Gothamist, Curbed, Brooklyn Magazine, 6sqft, and more.

And yesterday I made one for Boston, which you can see here. just did a nice writeup, and I’m hoping it brings Bostonians as much fun (and lost workplace productivity) as it’s brought New Yorkers.

Based on the stats, people have spent a combined 370,000 hours playing with just the NYC map alone. Crazy!

August 17, 2015

How to Make a Fillhouette

I discovered something pretty cool in Photoshop. If you select the inverse of a person’s silhouette and apply a “Content-Aware Fill”, the results can be funny, interesting, and sometimes quite beautiful. And it literally takes about 15 seconds.

Here’s how to make a “fillhouette”.

1: Find an image that’s not too difficult to silhouette. Anything with well-defined edges of the person is good.

2: Select the person. The easiest way is to use the “Quick Selection Tool”.

3: Shrink the selection so it’s a few pixels inside the person’s silhouette. Go to “Select > Modify > Contract…” and choose a value around 3.

4: Now invert the selection so the background is selected instead of the person. Go to “Select > Inverse”.

5: Now, just go to “Edit > Fill…” and choose “Content-Aware” from the dropdown. Press OK and you’re all set!

Here are some other fillhouettes I just quickly put together.

I’d love to see what the creative community can do using this technique, so I started a Tumblr where I’ll be posting the best examples I come across:

July 29, 2015

Catching Sand Fleas

I didn’t even know these things existed. I’m sure they’re harmless, but as far as I’m concerned it’s another reason to avoid the beach.

July 16, 2015

Airplane Vs Zero Hour

Who knew? “AIRPLANE!” is actually a shot-for-shot remake of the 1957 film, Zero Hour.

June 13, 2015

Drone Ownership in a Nutshell

This video beautifully symbolizes my experience with Drones.

May 5, 2015

One Week in One Minute

While most time-lapse videos show things moving, with this one I wanted to capture as little motion as possible. My thinking was that if there’s anything gross living in the water meter pit in my basement I wanted to know about it. So I set up this time-lapse and condensed a week of time into one minute.

It’s interesting to see the things that move; the pipes condensing, the water meter moving during the day, and the water level slowly lowering. But what I think’s more interesting are the areas that don’t move. It’s a little eerie to see the days fly by while literally nothing happens.

It kinda reminds me about this recent story about a French apartment left neglected and untouched for 70 years, or the seal on King Tut’s tomb as it was discovered thousands of years exactly how it was left. There’s a very specific part of my brain that gets tickled by this stuff.

March 17, 2015

Terminator-Inspired 3d Printer

This is a pretty cool 3d printing demo.

It’s fun to extrapolate how fast 3d printing will get in the future. We’re getting closer, quite literally, to objects appearing out of thin air.