DeLorean Dreaming

I spotted this DeLorean on my commute yesterday. Even though it’s a simple design, I still think the LeLorean is one of the coolest looking cars around. But I can’t decide if I’d like the DeLorean as much if it wasn’t featured in Back to the Future. Is the car that awesome looking, or is my opinion tainted?

Thinking about the DeLorean also reminds me of one of my first original (and semi intentionally-cheesy) songs I made on my Mac. It’s a throwback to the magic and wonder that is the 1980s. I called it “DeLorean Dreams” and you can listen to it here.

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    If there is no flux capacitor or Mr. Fusion, there is no DeLorean. The song sounds like it should be included in the Oceans Trilogy.

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    I live in aspen colorado and there quite a few of them here. One guy painted his red. Kind of silly if you ask me since they are made out of stainless steel. Cool 80′s car and cheep too!

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    Interesting, scott D. At first I thought a red DeLorean might look bitchin, but then I did a Google image search for “red DeLorean” and instantly changed my mind. It really makes the car look like it’s from 1985, and not in a good way. Stainless steal, FTW.

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    I think that they look awesome. Back to the Future or not.

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    Made in good ole Belfast, Northern Ireland. Along with the Titanic and George Best. Man do we know how to make cool shit that sucks… with the emphasis on the cool. Oh yea baby!!!

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    deloreans are for queers like yourself. yeah you dont think i seen you holding hands with clint last night

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