Dick Cheney Hunting Accident Jokes

The Official Dick Cheney Hunting Accident Joke/Pun Roundup

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    Thanks to The Daily Show, via Jordan:
    “The man Cheney shot was the first person to be shot by a sitting vice president since Alexander Hamilton.”
    Story titles:
    “Cheney’s Got a Gun.”
    “#2 With a Gun.”
    The Smoking Gun’s story title:
    “See Dick. Run!”
    (Apropos website name, eh?)

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    Regarding his stance on gun control, Dick Cheney simultaneously shot both himself in the foot and Harry Whittington in the face.
    Although Dick Cheney is very secretive about his vice presidency, it didn’t stop him from shooting someone else’s mouth off.
    Regarding lawyer / client privilege, let’s just say that Harry Whittington’s not so tight lipped anymore.
    Harry Whittington used to be very shy, but now he wears his heart on his sleeve.
    “Acme Brand Birdshot. Find it in your heart.™”

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    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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    Turns out Whittington really had a flare for cases involving appeals. He really had appellate in his heart.
    An avid photographer, Whittington was sadly misheard by Cheney when he said he wanted a nice bird shot.
    Turns out Cheney was pretty justified in his mistaken target, seeing as the word “quail” comes from the Middle English for “the face of a seventy-eight year old man.”
    I guess Whittington wishes they were hunting duck.

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    YES, the obligatory mix CD!
    Hit Me With Your Best Shot — Pat Benatar
    Fire — Jimi Hendrix
    You Give Love a Bad Name (“Shot through the heart… and you’re to blame…”) — Bon Jovi
    Gun — Uncle Tupelo
    Bang Bang — Danger Danger
    Ohh man. That last one’s the best. “Bang bang, what’s that sound… I gave you my love and ya shot me down…”

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