Did the Black Eyed Peas Rip Off Radiohead?

If you combine Radiohead’s “Motion Picture Soundtrack” with the Black Eyed Peas’ “I Got A Feeling”, you get either copyright infringement or a pleasant coincidence. I’m just sayin…

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    Actually, it is not possible to copyright chord progressions, only melody lines and lyrics which is why the vocals sound so different in the latter half of the example.

    The Black Eyed Peas are entirely within their rights utilizing the same chord progressions, although it may seem a bit uncouth when you put them next to one another like that.

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    you want coincidence/mashup?

    check out Manu Chao’s Mentira
    and UB40′s Tell Me Is It True.

    same chords, same tempo and exactly the same pitch!

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    It will be useful for many.

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    Might be the worst “mashup” I’ve heard all year.
    It’s not synced and the pitch is way off.

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    it’s shit

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    Oh yeah, that’s a real big shit…
    “a pleasant coincidence”
    pleasant!! hahahaha

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    listen if i could fly by satriani and viva la vida by U2…

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    One of the best “pleasant coincidences” is shown by this guy :
    The last minute shows the same chord progression on some popular songs.

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    I don’t like it at all!

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    not so bad as thay say, but not the best, trie other songs

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    BEP ever got non-stolen song? :D

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    same key, same tempo, same time signature. protools can change key and tempo, so if the time sig matches, you could mix any two melodies…

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