Elvis Impersonator in Queens

I don’t care how you spent your Saturday night, because my Saturday night was clearly much more entertaining. I saw an Elvis impersonator in a pastry shop in Astoria, Queens. What did you do?

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    Wow. That’s amazing. But not the Elvis guy. The fact that you were at a pastry shop on a Saturday night. Wow.

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    I just knew he wasn’t dead.

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    Not to knock you, because I spend enough time living in Flushing/Fresh Meadows to appreciate your pastry shop adventure. But please… If your life’s notable moments are defined by brief walks through city parks and pastry elvis encounters – you can keep your entertaining experience all to yourself. My life upstate provides far better life moments than you’ve ever experienced. You don’t care how I spent my Saturday – GOOD FOR YOU. I think you should prance around not caring, and announcing out through your window how you don’t care… loudly.

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