Funny Google Searches

A highly-entertaining activity is feeding random and/or strange snippets of conversation into Google and seeing what you get. Below are some good ones. Feel free to submit more in the comments.

"Looks like we got ourselves a"

"After the bleeding finally stopped"

"That was some fucked up shit"

"was nothing compared to"

"so gross that"

"why the fuck are we"

"and that’s when I had enough"

"that he couldn’t even walk"

"days of shitting"

"his shit tasted"

"got all over the place"

"never in all my life"

"I’m talking everywhere"

"than I’ve ever seen in my life"

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    I think it is hilarious that this entry now shows near the top of some of those.

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    This is my new favorite game. Thanks for posting this one.

    “that’s when we”

    “your mama better not”

    “slap you so”

    “like a greased” – you’d think there would be a lot of ‘pig’ results, and you would be right…but you’d have a hard time guessing most of the others.

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    From Ireland with love:

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    YOu have surely heard of the “xxxx needs a” for google. Just substitute xxxx for your, or any other, name for the results

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