High Society, High ISO

I had a great time on Saturday night at Snooth’s Open That Bottle Night. I got to schmooze with some interesting people, drink some fancy-ass wine, and bust out the prime lenses. I had to underexpose and push the photos in Lightroom to get workable results, but I’m pretty happy with the way things turned out. You can download some of my Lightroom presets below, then check out the rest of the gallery at Flickr. (Fellow photo geeks may want to cringe/marvel at some of the exposure values in the EXIF data…)

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    Dude, no offense but I don’t think anyone is going to be downloading your lightroom presets. I do a fair amount of image editing and retouching as part of my job and you’ve completely destroyed those photo in your samples above. They were taken indoors so when you push the white balance all the way back they start to look completely unnatural. Keep some of the orange tinge in the photos as this is the actual lighting in such nightime envrionmnets. Even worse you’ve over processed the exposure correction so that everything’s too bright and blown out. Watch people’s skin tones, the point of this kind of work is not to make them look like the undead. More than anything, watch the midtones – you’ve crunched the photos into very unnatural looking high contrast images.

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    Lightroom can make you see
    dead people……………

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    i’d have to agree with david. you’ve overdone the effect, and turned them into pale zombies.

    just stick to contrast tweaking.

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