Every once in a while I click on some spam I’ve received (just for fun) and I’m taken to some bogus site that automatically forces me to download an .exe file. And as a Mac user I just sit back and laugh as I put that .exe file in the trash and go about my business.

I love spitting in the face of danger. Hubris never tasted so good.

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    Damn you Mac users! Damn you to hell!!! /jealousy

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    uhh.. as a mac user you put the .exe in your trash.
    where as a pc user would have to put it in their recycle bin. goodness gracious.

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    Mac all the way baby!!!

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    What about windows 7 + antivirus?

    PS: SSH port 22 is secured?:)) are you SURE?

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    Great post and information. Thanks

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