I free ur gender. I free it up!

I spotted this customized Wet Paint sign last night on 14th and 6th. Can anyone offer any insight into just what the hell it means?

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    I have no clue what it means, but it sounds like that phrase should be in the same category as “Stimulate you mind man.”

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    There was a “Free Your Gender” festival in Germany a couple of months ago. Maybe some Transexual was very drunk and happy she/he was going and wrote this note on a wet paint sign.

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    I’m thinking it was probably a written typo. Should say “Granny going to free ur gender.” Because that makes much more sense.

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    Actually, it was a concealed note to me, placed by agent Rodrigo, informing me that I was soon to be freed by my stealthy comrades in the Triumphant Army of Native New Yorkers.

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    It means “Piss on this high voltage and lose ur dick”

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    What??? a minus point, you fool, but that’s the explanation of the grafitti.
    (this ain’t the caption comp. you tit).

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