I Showed Vincent DonOfrio My Balls

Any street photographer will tell you that one of the most difficult parts of photographing people is building up your balls.

That’s right. Your balls.

Because in most societies (including ours) it’s considered rude as hell to whip out a camera and start taking a stranger’s picture without permission. Sure, there are ways around this – such as shooting from the hip, using a telephoto lens to keep your distance, or a few other tricks up the discreet photographer’s sleeve. But in my opinion, if you don’t have the balls to walk up to someone and snap their picture, then you’re doing it wrong.

Cut to today, when I’m walking through SoHo enjoying some rare free time, and low and behold I see Vincent DonOfrio sitting on a street corner outside his trailer during a break in shooting Law & Order, Criminal Intent. I had my Canon G9 in my pocket so I figured it would be a good chance to grow my balls a little bit by snapping a picture of arguably one of the most intense actors of our time. (Sure, he’s been in some crap lately, but the guy was in Full Metal Jacket. I mean, come on.)

So I stop in the middle of the sidewalk, fish out my camera, and take aim. And get this – he looks at me. And his eyes are doing more than just looking into my eyes. His eyes are looking into my soul, telling me he’s going to murder my children. My children. So I took the picture and got both the hell out of there and the heeby jeebies at the same time.

So that’s about it. Enjoy the photo below. It’s going to cost me dearly.

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    offer him a night with your girlfriend… then he won’t kill you, and your girlfriend will be happy. CI FOR LIFE.

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    Huh…he looks…he looks good…

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    Nicely done. He looks like Orson Welles.

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    I never thought I’d say this, but Orson Welles looked much better.

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    compliments on the ball-growing my friend… you’ll be ready for X17online soon!

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    Remember that movie “The Cell” where I played a comatose serial killer and Jennifer Lopez traveled into my mind to save one of my victims? Yeah, I’m going to force you into my head and do all kinds of fucked up shit to you. And when you wake up, you’ll have peed your pants. Now who’s got the balls, piss-pants?

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    he really needs to shave,and dress better.He really let him self go,just because there is a new baby in the house that is no excuse to look this haggard and nasty,boy i would really hate to see him he had triplets.

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    So now the man can’t even sit in the street without those who sit in judgment finding a way to be nasty about him.

    Thanks for sharing the picture, but frankly some people who obviously get you stuff on Google Alerts should switch off the VDO one. They are clearly not fans.

    I adore him. And I particularly abhor the person who had the gall to post as Vincent D’Onofrio. Damn cheek.

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    I’m sorry to say that you’ve chosen the wrong method of growing balls……..’

    You should’ve consulted a surgeon.

    Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, so long as they don’t try to project their “ball issue” on others.

    Mr. D’Onofrio is a well respected actor -one of the few not consumed by the mainstream hollywood.

    He has played in much more critically acclaimed movies than just the one “full Metal jacket” which you happen to know of……..

    And the fact that your majesty dislikes a peice of art doesn’t necessarily place it under the “crap” category.

    Mr. D’Onofrio definitly’s looking your way in the pic., but apparently you need some practice, before you can distinguish his look -tired- with that of a murderer -considering that having a shrewd eye, is somewhat a basic requirement for a photographer -taking predecence over having “balls”.

    Maybe you should get out more, and open up your eyes -while walking down the street- to realize, that people also have a right to think and choose, and don’t need you -or me- to tell them what to like or dislike.

    And maybe you should try -just for a change- to express your ideas, whithout gettiing off on discrediting people.

    It’s good for one’s balls, too.

    And in case of an overgrowth. don’t worry….

    Just please lend some to the guy -or gal- who signed their comment as Vincent D’onofrio- a cheap move, indeed.

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    I believe that you meant well by posting this picture but, in the end your words took whatever credibility you had away. “SINISTER”????? I’d hate to see what you think “Happy” looks like.

    I also believe that Mr. D’Onofrio would not stoop so low as to making that reply above.

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    I think he looks pretty handsome in this pitcure.

    But, I have to agree about the dressing. He and his wife could do better.

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    Looks like someone has opened the portals of Hell and let the D’Onofrio halfwits escape!

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    He may have looked into your eyes but..
    what you felt was your own guilt from interupting his peaceful moment.

    to publicly insult such a humble soul,
    you fail to realize who he really is but…. you will learn

    beyond this world…

    he is more powerful than you know.

    you will find out in your dreams.

    sleep well

    blessed be

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    Wow, Rachel no animosity in your comment. Halfwits, that’s a very nice sentiment to send to fans of VDO. Michael the photo you took is lovely too bad you comments did not match said photo. Life’s short, I know this from personal experience, let’s all enjoy it while we can and play nice.
    From a half-witted VDO fan.

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    Looks like the fat guy is in character for a role in a horror movie.

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    Hey Saghy-balls, have you got a man-crush on me or what?

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    Seems it’s gonna take a while for you to get my name right -unlike Mr. D’Onofrio; he’s got a good memory.

    And if you ever gathered the courage to sign your comment in your own name -be it Mike Solomon or whatever- then we can talk…!!

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    If you asked me, I’d say he’s been looking haggard every since he got back with the wife.

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    Gosh, people must really dislike him. I find him very handsome and attractive. But, I guess others know someting about him that I’m not aware of.

    Is it really true he ran around on his wife? And, is he really arrogant like most people say he is????

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    Do you work for -or anyway near- the Gallop polls ??

    You seem to have access to “people”‘s likes and dislikes, as well as what “most people” say…..

    Oh; or maybe it’s just your active imagination

    Either way, you could run a gossip column or something of the sort, all by yourself.

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    Maybe his arrogance is what draws Saghy to him the most.

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    A dash of arrogance can do alot of good -and so would a pinch of truth.

    All one can see in this post, and some the comments, is a ton of the first, and none of the second.

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    beauty is not something we see in a persons height, or weight, or color of skin.we are all beautiful to someone, no matter what we look like, some one loves us just the way we are.

    the look in someones eyes may have nothing to do with who he’s looking at.
    you can’t judge what a person is feeling or going through when you are on the outside looking in.

    dont look at vincent. look at the people around him, feel their energy and how they are focused on what he is saying.
    was he angry or hurt, disappointed?
    what kind of energy comes from his eyes as he discusses something that has nothing to do with you but means so much to him?
    and in the midst of this deep conversation you walk by, he looks up, you take the picture.. not really knowing what he was saying or what he was feeling at the very moment.

    you bring so much pain upon yourselves, wasting good energy in such a wrong way.
    evil feeds on that energy…you are food for it, and it will grow inside you, and consume u if u let it

    free yourselves, take a chance and say something nice just to see how if feels.
    appologize to the man who has NEVER done u any harm. who has only worked hard in his craft to bring us his gift as an actor.

    i dare u

    blessed be

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    Perhaps you are the one who could run a gossip column or something of the sort, all by YOURSELF!

    It’s people like you who gives VDO a bad name!

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    Apparently there’s a new Saghy on this blog…!!

    Wonder if you’re related to the new “Vincent D’Onofrio”…???

    Anyway, I don’t really mind -nor care- you using my name; obviously, no infringment, misuse, or abuse, is off limits on this site -and why am I not surprised….?!

    The one and only Saghy!!

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    This is a great site. Get back to the Vincent blogs and worship my fatness. Vamoose Saghy.

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    And leave you here -all alone- Fake D’Onofrio….??

    Not before your bipolar -or tripolar, maybe even tetrapolar- disorder that makes you wanna comment under other people’s name, is cured -for good.

    It’s unethical to abandone someone in need….

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    This USE to be a great site until people like Saghy came along with that smart-ass mouth. I agree with whoever is writing until this stupid persons name… “Perhaps you are the one who could run a gossip column or something of the sort, all by YOURSELF!”

    “It’s people like you who gives VDO a bad name!”

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    I didn’t comment on the remark he made to me – why lower one’s self to Saghy’s level.

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    Anonymous and Joyce-”VDO Fan” !!

    Either talk some sense, or keek your silence for ever….

    Don’t demonstrate your IQ and LEVEL

    The one and only Saghy.

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    Ps. I’m here, Joyce-Anonimous-Fake D’Onofrio-Fake Saghy…….

    You’re not cured yet -as a matter of fact, you symptoms’re getting worse.

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    Ho-Hum… tsk tsk! Poor Saghy still can’t see that he is the one with the problem. It’s time to move away from this board.

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    Just leave him alone – a hit dog always holler!!!!!


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    Moving right along…

    I’m excited about the new fall season of CI. I love Detective Goren… even his beard. Ha Ha!

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    Poor, poor Anonymous-joyce;

    Unfortunately,I’ve been right -both about the IQ and the level………

    You’ve been posting your comments under mulyiple false names CONSECUTIVELY OVER AND OVER.

    Have a nice therapy;

    The one and only Saghy

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    They’ve tried to get rid of Saghy at the Reelblog but she won’t take the hint. She just won’t go away and seems like you’re stuck with her here.

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    Half-witted (You don’t mind me calling you by your first name, now, do you…??)

    I’m actually beginning to like this blog -it’s filled with psuedo-nyms, Pretending-to-be-VDO fans…!!

    On the other hand, if there ever was a hint, seems you’ve got it.

    This is just the right the place for you -not to stand up for someone whose initials you’re bearing, but to get relieved of your personal grudge.

    So, have a nice time -if you’re feeling any better, I’ve done my “good deed of the day”.

    The one and only Saghy

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    Saghy, much like you some foolish person has used my sign off name “A half-witted VDO fan” and has written the above comment. I agree with you leave VDO alone already. Any comments not supporting VDO or bad mouthing other people are not mine.

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    Having read many of your comments on the other sites, I was quite sure that it wasn’t you.

    The funny part is, as much as such behavior degrades this site -whatever its grade already is- it’d affect you or me less than a breath of air……

    The one and only Saghy

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    Hey Saghy, do the rest of us a favor and shut the fuck up you annoying douche.

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    What’s the matter Half-witted-Willi-joyce….??

    Couldn’t come up with a REAL ANSWER……..??

    I’m still laughing at you, signing your jibberish to me, under my name….!!!

    It’s a relief to know that Vincent’s enemy is someone as irrational and weak, as you.

    Have a nice therapy;

    The one and nly Saghy

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    By the way, sorry for being an annoying douche.

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    Your plea’ll only be accepted after your psychic evaluation turns out oK.

    Still, the one and only real Saghy

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    It’s best not to comment… Saghy is really the one who needs therapy – and I mean REALLY BAD!!!!!!

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    You’re learning…!!

    I give you that.

    You’re learning step by step: not to post under you multiple pseudonyms consecutively, and do it one comment at a time; forge lies FROM ME -not TO ME- when you’re faking as me…

    You don’t get an “A”, yet you’ll pass.

    Next, you’ll be learning not to comment; unless you’ve really got something more than just a bunch of lies….

    That’ll be my good deed of the day…..

    Still, the on and only Saghy

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    Well friends, I just finished off another bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos.

    It’s been a pretty slow week for me with the exception of posting on this website.

    I was hoping to get some telemarketing calls so I’d have someone to talk to, but no luck (damn do not call lists!)

    The only thing I look forward to are my long-winded rants about Vincent D’Onofrio.

    Oh well, gotta go, time to cover myself in peanut butter and cry myself to sleep.

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    Oh well;

    You get an “F” again……….!!

    Poor poor Joyce-anonymous-fake D’Onofrio-fake Saghy……

    Come on…!!

    You’ve had almost 50 HOURS to think….

    Is this the best you could come up with…??

    Such a pity…

    I’ve been right all along, about the your IQ AND your level…..

    But hang on poor thing; don’t iose hope….

    Live your miserable life, hiding behinde other people’s names -cause you apparently are too ashamed of your own.

    You’re not stuck at the bottom of a deep well; it’s juat a small pit -yet too much for you to handle; cause you’re so big and strong…..!!!

    Stil, the one and only Saghy!!

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    Today I noticed a burning sensation when I urinate. Could it be chlamydia?

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    Poor Halfy-as in half-witted-anonymous-joyce-fake d’onofrio-fake saghy…!!

    It’s worse, I’m afraid….

    Your choking on all your lies and pseudonyms, blocking your throat….!!

    What a sad, sad way to go….

    The funny part is, you’ll have to put up the courage to sign your will in your real name……!!

    What a sad, sad way to go, indeed.

    The even funnier part is, apparently you’ve been the one and only commenter on this blog, for a long time -both as the “administrator” and as the “visitor”…

    After your gone -as a result of choking on your bodily fluids- the blog will be up for sale…

    But would anyone really buy it -even for the starting bid of ” one cent”…?!

    I don’t think so.

    Still, the one and only Saghy…

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    Please forgive my incoherent ramblings.

    You see, I was ignored as a child and as a result seek attention in very odd ways.

    Mostly I just like to eat Doritos brand snack chips and sit at the computer and try to justify my pitiful existence.

    Still, the one and only Saghy…

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    Poor creature, halfWitted Joyce

    You deserve pitty -but not as much as you think……

    You deserve a psychological therapy more, and that’s what I’ve been saying all along.

    Now, be a good creature -there, there, now, stop crying- and rush to the therapist.

    Who knows, you may recover…

    If not, you can always throw yourself off the bridge -like you’ve always wanted to.

    Then this blog may sell for the price of ONE CENT, like you’ve always dreamed of.

    Poor, poor thing….

    You have neither the IQ, nor the class.

    Have a nice therapy;

    As always, the ome and only real Saghy…!!

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    Sorry folks, I’ve had an attack of the verbal diarrhea again.

    As always, the ome and only real Saghy…!!

  53.  Rate Comment Up Rate Comment Down  error|1

    Oops, my chlamydia, std and verbal diahrrea made me forget to sign my name.

    As always, the ome and only real Saghy…!!

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    Hey ladies,


  55.  Rate Comment Up Rate Comment Down  error|1

    I’m a dumbass douchebag with an ass for a face like the freaky VDO.

    As always, the ome and only real Saghy…!!

    Btw, ISC

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    Poor half-wittedjoyce-fake Saghy;

    You forgot to mention your bipolar disorder, poor thing…

    You can still jump off the bridge, after swallowing your Doritos…

    Pitty; you still have alot to learn…

    But alas, you have the lowest IQ, as well as the lowest class.

    And if you really need my name THAT BAD, you can fake it -until you’ve finshed your therapy- you are filthy, but can’t taint my name.


    As always, the one, incredible Saghy

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    My pussy stinks!!!

    As always, the one, incredible fishy, Saghy

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    Hun, are you a chimp or something…??

    How can you smell your stink hole…??

    You’re turning all the dogs in your neighborhood on……..

    And I gave you fpermission to ake my name, so long as you’re getting the psycho therapy -now you’ll have to lick yourself, too.

    Yeh poor thingy-half-witted-joyce; you need my name SO BAD……….!!!

    That’s me, the unbeatable Saghy…!!

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    I really liked the one about the smelly pussy.

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    I’m sorry.

    I really am sorry.

    Don’t know what got into me…
    I should’ve known better…..

    Should’ve understood…

    Your extensive knowledge about the STDs and the way you seem to be obsessed about them; your blind anger, that you try to project on anyone -be it me, or Vincent D’Onofrio, or others whose names you’ve already faked on this blog, and your desperate crave for attention….

    The way you use other people’s names to gain their attention -hillarious…!!

    Poor creature; do you have STD…??

    Maybe something even WORSE…??

    Whoever reads this blog -if there are any- let’s make some donation, for half witted-anonymous-joyce-fake D’Onofrio-fake Saghy’s medical bills.

    They must’ve gone to the roof by now, cause this poor creature is both mentally and phisically ill.

    Relax, Thingy; this charity campaigne will help you.

    Have a nice therapy, poor little, little thingy;

    Still, the unbeatable Saghy…

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    You are hereby banned from the Vincent D’Onofrio fan club.

    Please return your autographed 8″x10″ glossy and “VDO rulez” coffee mug to me at your earliest convenience.

    And may God have mercy on your soul.

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    OH, fake D’Onofrio….

    I’m terribly sorry…

    I’ve already donated them for your (AKA anonymous-joyce’s) medical bills….

    You know that you, poor thingy, have both STD and bipolar disorder.

    Thought that the REAl Mr. D’Onofrio would like to see them spent on a good cause.

    Have a nice therapy, poor little thingy

    And in case you wouldn’t make it after all;


    You’ve not had many peaceful days in your miserable ife -apparently- but I’ll pray for your salvation.

    The unbeatable Saghy

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    By the way, I also had a chuckle at the smelly pussy comment.

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    Watch out half-witted-fake-d’onofrio;

    With your debilitating “condition”, chuckles can “chock”…

    By the way, the charity for your medical bills is still on, So far, apart from my donation, there’s been a bid of “one cent’.

    Have a nice thrapy, thingy;

    Still, the unbeatable Saghy

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    I saw an amazing looking frame in France by the Bayeaux Tapestry one day, with this awesome looking guy and his pipe. I asked him if i could take a photo of him, but he misunderstood and thought I wanted to take a picture of the building behind him. Me of course thinking he was a gruffy pipe-smoking French man (no stereo-types) annoyed at my foreign insolence. Alas, he ended up being a well natured pipe-smoking Englishman (again, no stereo-type intended) who would have been more than happy to be in the photo, oh the missed opportunities.

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    Who the hell is this Saghy cocksucker?

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    happy birthday Vincent. You are 15 years old today !

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