I’m sorry, Russia.

Dear Russians, I’m sorry for making up a fake quiz that was only supposed to make you feel stupid, and then pretending to offer a hint which was really just a picture of a giant pile of shit sitting on top of your country.

I’m just a little miffed because a lot the comments on my site are now in Russian, which I (and a large portion of my audience) can’t read. And to make matters worse, your colloquialisms and bad grammar make translating your comments into English damn near impossible.

So let’s please keep all the comments in English from now on, ok?

Many thanks,

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    It’s a deal, man! Lets make it in English now)))) But this quiz…we’ve alredy invited most brilliant minds here…Most probably they gonna solve it one day)))

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    You know, I can spell one thing gramatically correct (I hope so) – why don’t you go and replace that pile on your country – that will mean that you have no respect to other nations.

    Oh no, sorry – only above the place where you house concretely is – because I have some mind to understand that stupid jokes like this makes the individual human – not the nation.

    Why don’t you use some of your genious mind to do a proper russian quiz and return the respect, because /we can/ make the proper english one. Our nation pays respect to the language you speak – may be not all of the russian people can show it here, but there is much more of russian men who knows english better than american men who knows (hope for a little bit) russian.

    Fuck it all, to place the encoded english-words in the quiz possibly ought to be the more respectful thing, the simple-way stupidity is pity.

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    And… I’ve read some russian comments that caused your actions, possibly. That were the kind jokes. Even if they weren’t – to repeat or mirror them is to become the same stupid – independently from your born-nation.

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    Hey, what’s shakin’ over at the Cleverest? Haven’t been on here in awhi–

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    For our reconciliation, let’s get a tea with polon^W^W a cake!

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    “picture of a giant pile of shit sitting on top of your country”

    ahahahaaaa! Geografy, my frend! I’s not Russian territory :))

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    Man, with that quiz u show us how stupid u are. Cuz u cant make normal really difficult quiz, just bullshit like u did.

    And btw if i’m leaving comment on Russian, it cuz i want all russians to understand it, and i dont care if u can read it too.

    No more respect for u now…

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    Respect to Shur!!!!!

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    Shur krosav4eg!

    It were just comments in Russian. If U want comments in English, U should ask about it instead of doing a crap on somebody’s country.

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    Hey, author, do you really think that pile of crap is funny? It is so pathetic trying to get us with that. And you know what?


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    And you call yourself the cleverest? Man, you’re a freak.

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    Hey, Mike! How’s it going? I just came by to drop off these CDs you loaned me and– oh okay, I’ll come back.

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    Hey Amanda – thanks for dropping by. Now might not be the best time… My Hall & Oates CD can wait.

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    Dearest Russia,

    Wow, ummm yea. So… hi. I didn’t mean, but – you know, it’s a lot of comments is all I’m saying. I mean, I hope… yeah. Are we, you kno – yah. We cool? Cause I would nev- good. Sorry. Okay, I’m gon- yeah of course, I’m gonna go. No no, not that, I just… I hav- bye.

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    To my dissapointmment i did not see that thing and why do you think that russians are stupid?write that thing again,please.I want to see it
    I am forward to hering from you soon

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    Hi there every1!!

    First of all!!! Russians!!!! If u’re trying to debate please provide some clever ideas. The only reasonable person here is Angry Russian. And all others!!!! Offending Mike u just go down to his level (if it’s possible 2 say so in English).

    Mr. Hinter,

    “ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US” – what did you mean??? Sounds kinda weird…

    Now Mike,

    What’s the matter with u?? Do u really think that humiliating other nation makes u look smart??? In fact u’ve only demonstrated how shabby u r))

    And finally
    Dearest Clint,

    Haven’t understand a single word u’ve written. Would u please repeat in normal English.

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    Hey, what is going on here? I presume there is nothing to debate about here! Seems all this is a regrettable mistake…Mike made this quiz with a “hint” but same time he got enough courage to say Sorry. An no more words required! No more debates. This is his site and he can establish the rules here. Just take it as it is and try yr best in English…

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    shame on u, mike
    dont b agent provocateur

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    Hey, does this rule out Hebrew comments moving forward? Cuz I was really looking forward to a Hebrew photo contest/flame war…. oy vey.

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    I absolutely agree with you. All u did is right. Thanks fo your apologies :)

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    Иди на хуй уёбок долбанутый

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    точно ) иди на ху й )

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    You are right, Russian as the uniform nation is stupid. Yeah, yeah guys, its true. Especially it is visible if to be looked at history of Russia. There were many historical mistakes. Moreover they constantly repeat. I do not like also that now occurs in Russia, gradually the country moves to authoritarianism, and leaves from democracy. But you know, Putin simply does not have other choice, it is compelled to strengthen authority, Russia meanwhile is not ready to democracy, another way not to operate for country. And as you see it yields good results, Russia develops and it is the fact. I will be not assured that Russia is ready to democracy in the following of 20 years, but it definitely will be develop.
    You speak Russians is stupid, but what you want from the country where up to 1861 AD, 80 % of inhabitants there were slaves? Other part of Russia was the aristocracy, the educated, clever people who lived that in the Europe in Russia. These people have brought the huge contribution to world culture, in the field of music, the literature. Approximately the same situation now, in Russia is cosmopolitan cities, there live people thinking freely, independently, they go to the Europe, to America and can compare a life there and in Russia. But in a province, especially in villages people have no opportunity to compare, they simply do not have choice. At them is not present a cable TV with CNN and BBC news, they do not have Internet, all that they have it 4 state channels, there says that country is great, and channels to show silly reallity-shows and comic TV shows that people do not think, and grew dull. Besides not everyone know English and even if people have Internet and English channels, they do not understand that there speak, and receive the information only on Russian sites, and channels.
    Russians as people is not stupid, we are just unlucky. You esteem world history, esteem about a climate in the Europe and in Russia and as it influenced a crop, you esteem about Tatar invasions in 13 century, and in fact Tatars could grasp all Europe, if they have been not stopped in Russia. While Russia was occupated, the Europe developed, and Russia is not. It is some examples, actually it is a lot of them, before to speak about something – study the information about that. In general on the basis of what you do conclusions that Russian people silly? Thrust your rebuses into your ass, it not a parameter of mind.
    And in general, who do you think you are?! What is your proud? All your pride this that you were born in the USA, but what you did for that? Tell thanks ancestors that in due time have escaped from the Europe to America. And in general why are you so much unlove Russian? Whether not therefore that your girl was banged the Russian guy? Or some russian guy kicked your ass?, you know our guys in that greater professionals. And you know what? Just read about Russian hackers, about they get steal on sites of the American banks, steal from millionaires of money, get into base of the Pentagon. Clever, yeah? You here are more cautious with your words, or they will calculate yours IP, will enter into a computer at will steal all your porno. Also a virus will bring.
    And about that you are not happy that Russian write badly in English, well, ТЫ СУКА ОХУЕЛ!, how many languages you know? All russian which write to you in English learned it themselves and as you see have learnt. Stupid Russian can talk on the native language of clever Americans, what you cannot speak in Russian? Try to learn Russian.
    I like America, I know many very good educated clever people there. But in America also many really stupid people. Bush confuses Australia to Austria, thinks that Mandela is dead, and it in fact your president! And you, my dear friend, having written this blog too have proved to be stupid, showing the snobbery, it is a shame with such Americans as you.

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    For creator.
    I know that you did it because you are alone in your life and in your country.It’s a pity that you are angry lonely person who make stupid jokes.I’ll not repeat that russians are very intelligent and strong.Everyone in the world knows it.You are only afraid of us))))))ahahahaha

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    iloveny, you definately make sense, but don’t forget that if Russia didn’t have the cobious amounts of natural resources, russians will be still eating guns left from Velikaia Otechestvena voina( World war II) and will be nobody. This is the reason why communism existed for so many ears (now transformed into GRU/ KGB lead country)Russians are being brainwashed for years.. the easiest nation to manipulate, it is implanted in their subconcious. Look at the history from being “krepostni seliany” (slaves basically)to communism (the world most horrible plague that left 60 million dead only in Russia) russians haven’t known anything else than being used, manipulated put in jail , murdered.. Why nobady says anything about the most notorious criminals of the sentury Stalin, Beria, Zukov(who still has a piedestol in Moskow), Lenin (the siffilistic maniac). The american jewish lobby group is flooding the world with nazi’s monsrosities movies not a word for The soviet monsters. Hitler did it to enemies not to his own people. This country never cared for its citizens and still doesn’t, but russians don’t get it! Yes iloveny, russians might be the best hakers..is this smth that you should be proud of? Is this an insecurity or what ,russian mob, russian hackers russian whores, russian weapons..are these really a things you should be proud of?
    Svetlana, just put some more make up and make sure you wash regularly, otherwise you will be really scary.. and we will be all veeery afraid of you..

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    to: Ivo
    I do not argue with you that basically modern development of Russia, occurs owing to natural resources of Russia. I speak only about that in difference from 90-s’, in days of Yeltsin, now money from natural resources work on development of Russia, in 90-s’ this money either were plundered, or worked on development of America. Then Americans loved Russia, and did not name their stupid.
    I shall repeat that I do not like policy Putin, it is not pleasant to me that still operate the country GRU/KGB, but the country develops. It better than was earlier, at Yeltsin. It is easy to you to argue on it because you do not live here, and do not know that such for example when your salary to you is not given 6 month or more, and you can make nothing with it. Now this problem is not present.
    I shall result to you still pair examples: In 90-s’ thousand people from the countries of the former USSR (15 republics) including from republic Russia, leaved for earnings (gastarbeiters) to Europe, to America and to other countries. And now thousand people from former republics (especially from Moldova and Tajikistan) come to Russia for earnings (gastarbeiters), and not only to Moscow, also to province. Russian any more do not wish to work as construction-workers and as cleaners, not only in other countries, but also in the own country. How do you think, why?
    Other example: In 90-s’ Russian thousand immigrated to America and to the Europe, basically because of a poor life. Do you know that they speak now? ” What for, to me to go to it is not known where, to get used to another’s culture, to learn another’s foreign language, to be there the immigrant, to work for $5 per hour, to run from immigration service, – What for? I can become successful in Russia, I here can earn on $2000 per month “. So, will agree, changes is it. Recently I heard that the American embassy will probably cancel visas to USA for Russian, and though I consider that it will not occur, but will agree that it is the certain parameter.
    My ancestor before revolution of 1917 was “kulak” (as middle class in USA), communists have take all he has and have made him poor. My grandfather was at war during World war II, it was lost. I do not know who have kill him, nazis, Zukov, or Beria, I know only that my grandfather was one of those almost 30 million dead. I hate communism, I hate the USSR, i have for that the reasons, but it does not mean that I hate Russian as people. Stalin and Beria in Russia are considered as murderers, all this know, and peoples hate them. I very much would like to see movies about soviet monsters, but Hollywood wishes to remove Russian only as gangsters and killers. Zukov has won war, therefore nobody wishes to speak about it badly. He saved Russia and world too, because after Russia, with russian natural resourses, Germany could become very strong. I already spoke that Russia is not ready to democracy now, also as well as Georgia and Ukraine which you want result to us as an example. Look today’s news that occurs in Georgia. Children born not in the USSR already think on another, and is possible when they I shall go to a policy they can make in Russia the present democracy, and can openly speak including about Zukov.
    But even now in Russia there is freedom. Look at China, there people catch on the Internet, by the way by means of your democratic company “Yahoo”. In Russia is “Livejornal” where people write anything you like including and nobody forbids criticism Putin to them.
    Russia tried to be friends of the West, but the West never wished to be friends of Russia, the West wanted that Russia became the vassal of the West, instead of the friend. Putin now has understood it, and already any more does not want friendship with the West, and you know, I understand it. Putin has ceased to go on concessions to the West, and has returned Russia pride of the country, and russian loves him for it. I do not like policy Putin, but it is better than policy Yeltsin.
    I am not proud of Russian hackers, – they are criminals. I am proud of mind of young Russian children which in 21 century it is the best in the world understand in the Internet and computers technologies. I am proud of that “Google” which use all world, the guy who was born in Russia. I am proud of that that Russian brains could invent such technologies as radio, the helicopter, space technologies and it is a lot of others. The Russian person very clever and very talented, and at Russian good genes, look for Russian genes at the famous people, you will be strongly surprised as much them. Through tens years in America does not remain more pure white people, the majority will be – metises who will speak in Spanish, and in the Europe on Arabian (i am tolerant person to other nations, but i dont suppose that is good). And here in Russia, Russian will not disappear never, and russian genes too.
    Well and about washing brains, – to you to Americans wash out brains not worse than to us. You as fools have deceived that Iraq – the center of terrorism, that at Saadam it is full of the weapon of mass defeat – and you have supported war, and now you crying that your soldiers there die, they were killed, when have sent there. So Russian can be and the easiest nation to manipulate, but american #2 in this list.
    Russian actually very kind and good people, for example we did not dump a nuclear bomb on Japanese, malicious we are done such here by the American snobs-mongrels as you which not especially penetrating into culture and history of Russia, learn us as we should live.
    And you the boor as I shall look. Who entitled you to offend of Russian girls, and to call their whores? I shall tell also to you – ТЫ СУКА ОХУЕЛ!
    Russian girls like to put on overdressed, it is the same part of Russian mentality, as well as a part of the American mentality – to not put on overdressed, and sitting at home to get fat, fat, fat.
    In Russia there are silly girls who can be named whores, but than they for example differ from readily available girls in the USA? Perhaps only that on the person Russian much more fit and more attractively.
    I try to talk to you here, only that to me really is pleasant to the USA, I respect with this country, I have also friends Americans, and I know that such as they in the USA the majority. But as I see, here gather the majority its stupid idiots, and both representatives of Russia, and representatives of America.

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    Learn Russian, mothefuckers..

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    I mean motherfuckers!))

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    Piece off!!

    You just nation of the silly scared fat men!

    I love Britan, by the way..

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    First of all, iloveny, don’t even mention immigration and problems link to it..im bulgarian immigrant and ive been through hell for the last nine years here in us. Second have you read any of your brilliant writers Solzenitzin, shalamov, Suvorov or you think that they are incompetent (despite of the facts they present). Third, you are comparing the era of Putin to the era of Yeltzin!Well the yeltsin era is transition era Few years after the total crash of the soviet union. what do you expect after nearly 80 years of devastating lies and total downfall of the communism this was the bottom it couldn’t go worse than that. Same situation in all eastern european countries ..when communism went down, everybody steals whatever is left and the 90% of the population goes even poorer! At this time everybody remembers the communist era: “We had and we could afford at least bread and butter” yes sure but thats not enough we live in the 21 st century for fuck sake. fourth do you know what happend 1954 in Iuznoi Ural, Totzkii poligon. your “Saint” Zukov proceeds with a nuclear experiment with animals and also 65000 russian solders(most of them become impotent, cancerous and almost half of them died in a camp so nobody can find out, nobody provided medical assistance and all of them signed a paper saying that they cannot talk about it for 25 years (most of them died by then). So don’t mention Hiroshima please! even though US has its horrible ways but for now we are talking about Russia.Fifth, Ask anybody from Estonia, Litva, latvia,Ukraine, Moldova how they feel about Russians and Putin ..where is the opposition in Russia?? Desinformation on all levels, the media is Putin, leaders of all ministries: Putin People. Now he is going to become minister pretsedatel, with other words he is not giving up power away ..EVER. What kind of a ill nation doesn’t see the the rotten fruit, are you people afraid to say something, do something or you have been taught this way for all these years.. Shame for the amazing russian people i know. You mention things are better in Russia, do you really mean the rural countryside?! If you do you don’t know your own country! Again, iloveny, I appologize if i sound bad, but it just kills me how your believes (some of them i agree with)are so wrong and they are so common in russia..open your eyes ! About americans , i don’t even want to mention..it is a very brainwashed, zombie type of fat nation..I do agree, but we cant forget that every rule has an exeption! i have met extraordinary people here. And lastly, your talk about russian genes and them being superior and all this racist, Mengele type of talk should not be on your agenda..it is very creepy and wouldn’t help you in ANY debates in the future and to be honest thats total bollocks anyway! So for now I suggest you start with some modern russian literature (writers that escaped from Russia for example)And finally , you should hope that the price of natural gas and oil stays high otherwise Russia can start losing its grip. Ivo
    Again I didn’t mean to insult you.. but Svetlana should definately not write anything anywhere..she sounds desperately stupid..

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    yea you better be sorry your ass.
    you don’t see me telling everybody how much the U.S. sucks ? probably because everybody knows!!!
    AND you should learn russian ( or try to with your dumb assed brain) and SEE how hard it is to learn.
    RUSSIANS were the first to go into space. GOT THAT? they will always be first. except in being fat an lazy. you guys got that down.

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    I can’t talk for all people, but as for me, Mike, I forgive you.

    And now something more for you and some russian “friends”:

    for Iloveny:
    Да нет, ~iloveny, это ты охуел. Всякую чушь порешь. Тебя отимел кто-то, а ты здесь теперь сбросить стрел пытаешься, чтоли? Противно читать тебя, с прогибами под дерьмократия… тьфу…

    for All, especially our American friends, so they don’t believe in all lies which are told here by Iloverov and Ivo (и для вас мои маленькие русофобы):
    Svetlana just made a simple joke, but you guys (iloveny and Ivo), you are both stuped.
    You are brainwashed with anti-Soviet and anti-Russian propoganda.
    First of all, you should stop reading Solzenitzin, Shalamov, Suvorov and guys like them. They didn’t liked USSR and wrote bullshit about it: all numbers there are lies, they were no 30-60 millions of dead because of WWII and more 30-60 millions of dead because of repressions. Just calculate how could our population grew with such numbers of deaths and you will understand everything…
    Secondly, Iloverov, there were no 80% of slaves in Russia (in times of Imperial Russia). Actualy there were no slaves at all, Russians never had slaves.
    I understand that you mean that 80% of russian peasants were slaves, but it is a lie. There were so called serfdom. Serfdom peasants could not change place where they should work. But in reality only 30% of peasants were in serfdom.

    “…and also 65000 russian solders(most of them become impotent, cancerous and almost half of them died in a camp so nobody can find out…”
    There were two nuclear tests with 46 500 soldiers taking part in them. So you lie about numbers. Moreover, you like about camps… You should also remember that USA did the same tests with people before us and also they started nuclear tests. We had to prepare for a nuclear war so if it starts we will be able to do something more than just die. Those soldiers have died so we can live now. Don’t forget this.
    http://hirosima.scepsis.ru/weapon/practise_1.html#2 – here you can look the numbers. (In Russian)

    Ivo, it could go worse, much worse. Thanks God, it didn’t.

    Estonia, Litva, latvia – are neo-nazy countries. They hate Russians (at there governments). Ukraine consists of three times of people: Russians (the majority of them live in Crimea), normal Ukrainians and “orange” Ukrainians (There was so called “orange” revolution in 2004, so “orange” Ukr. are those who stands for that revolutional government). Russians and normal Ukrainians understand that Putin do much for our country and they only dream of having a President like Putin some day. Moreover, Russians in Crimea just want their Crimea to become part of Russia again.

    “leaders of all ministries: Putin People”
    And whose companions should they be? Bush people maybe? Don’t tell bullshit.

    “Now he is going to become minister pretsedatel”
    It is not decided yet. I think he will just stay as a leader of “United Russia” political party and thus a leader of Russia. Well, at least if Zubkov is as good as Putin says about him.

    Putin with “his people” is rebuilding Russia, our army, our rural economy, our factories, science… And oppositions? Who are they?! They are Russian-haters, Anti-Russian and Pro-US… People like they were in power during Eltsin’s years, they showed what (who) they are… Now they are a pile of shit, a political impotents, almost nobody in Russia supports them. So don’t be surprised when they lost the elections. They are supported only by USA and Britain and only US and britain newspapers and politicians will cry about “unfair” elections.
    And I know what I am talking about, I live in Russia, in “povincia” (Altai, Barnaul city). So come and live here or just shut up and mind your business.

    “So for now I suggest you start with some modern russian literature (writers that escaped from Russia for example)”
    Stupid advice. They are no better than Solzenicin. It is much better to read Classics like Pushkin and Tolstoy, or modern writers who live in Russia. ;)

    Mike, sorry, for politics in here and a large post, but I couldn’t do so. I don’t want you to listen to some lairs and think bad about our country because of them.

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    I like the russian comments. Esoecially the one about:”Go home yankee! Our missiles are faster than yours!”
    Now, THAT’S funny!

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    Hey Arks,

    Just relax.. Cold war is in the past!( you guys probably still don’t have a radio in the Altai or still live in tents).Don’t be so paranoid that the west is coming to get you, nobody gives a shit about you..poor little one. (no doubt, russians have great minds , but they are unappreciated because there are idiots like you). Open your eyes Arks, come on, travel some, do some research, there are so many resources out there (not only the “BIG BAD USA newspapers”) Russia is a treat because of the millions like you – ignorant and unknowledgeable!Please don’t answer before you do your lesson first, and don’t mention Pushkin and Tolstoi because, im sure we’ve already read more than you did, since you read them as a obligatory subject through school, do you have school there? Have you asked yourself why the blossom of the russian intelligence and great minds live outside RUSSIA? What is this talk about neo-nazi countries??!! Arks, you are so out of your element, it is 2008!! Get out of your tent and learn. Solzenitzin won a nobel prize, you fuck! “they hate Russia” Nobody hates their fatherland, they cannot progress and create with idiots, KAsan mobsters in the face of Putin (thats why litvienko was poisoned, by the way)and KGB government officials ruling their country..thats why they left, you fuck and guess what,you stayed!Bend over now and take it. 60 million dead or disappeared from the beginning of phsyco-Lenin era!Your numbers are wrong, read something else than “Istorii Velikaia Otechestvena voinui”!
    This is your mindset and the people that support you- to find enemies at any single moment, now- who is brainwashed? This is how you national pride grows thats what putin does to you “hate the west! they want you dead!”and you certainly believe that, you feel good, better than these fat americans, ha?Protect your country, putin loves you, he is your otetz, he will make it better..he will put some lubricant (just a little though)so it doesnt hurt so much.. Again open your eyes, move on, Arks.. no nazis get out of your underground shelter, times have changed!

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    To russiangal from Ivo:

    lol! OCHEN HARASHO, You just won “Krasnaia Zvesda”! Very sophisticated statement! You can come and get your reward anytime! Don’t forget to wash, Gagarin! O.K?

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    ok ok, maybe i was a little harsh… haha not!
    I can’t even tell people at school that im RUSSIAN!
    you know why? bc my dad told me that if you do they will only make fun of you!

    I SO WANT TO SAY TO THE AMERICAN kids at my school WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? ( just bc i caps doesn’t mean im angry.. or i am angry but nvm )

    I Don’t Understand why people have to be so harsh to people that aren’t their culture! Grrrr…. >_

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    At once it is visible, that the American nation degrades, more cleverly they could not think up anything

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    It agree, that else can think up people eating Big Maks, Americans – the dying nation… With the poorest history

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    to russiangal..
    ask your dad what russians do to others in their own country.I’m russian too and very often it’s shame to be it..

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    Thank you wildchild,

    There is hope..

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    I am not Russian but I was deeply offended by your inane warped sense of ‘humour’. The Russian people are very warm and friendly and do not deserve to be parodied by a sick prat like you! CLEVEREST? Not in your wildest dreams Buddy!

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    i know what russians do. they kill eachother.

    thats were the word Getto comes from…

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    Everybody know that russian people are more intelligent and informated in average than American.Its a rhetoric debate.Its a minority of well educated american people that make the difference.

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    Solomon next time use the star of your father David for inspiration and write more decent things.

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    Clverest, rude yes. But Russia is quite the country!
    First in space, technologically advanced. WAY back in the 70′s. Americans became jealous and thieves and started to copy everything. So calling Russians sumb is just insulting yourself.

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    All these comments in broken English were left by American Zionists. I highly doubt that Russians would even post here… just another sad and miserable day in the life of Mikey ‘I’ll never be like Ethan or Joel Coen but hey! at least have this crappy website’ Solomon

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    Did you all know pushkin was a black man?

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    Also, Mr. Solomon, being as you are a liberal, idiotic fuck of a man, I don’t think that you’ve come across the realization that not all languages share the same grammatical rules as English.

    In Russian, for instance, the order of words in a sentence has no importance.

    Ya lublyu tebya, and ya tebya lublyu say the exact same thing.

    In Spanish, some words are placed backwards. Juice of orange, for instance.

    In Italian, an italian man has sex with your wife.

    Also, you are a gigantic faggot.

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    poshol v jopy

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    If Russian hackers make your website as a play ground. u can say bye bye to this site..

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    fuck u motherfucker

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    Ohh,America/ One Rocket- no problem.

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