InTouch Party Photos

On Sunday night I was granted the opportunity to attend a glitzy Hollywood party, thanks to my girlfriend Anna who works at InTouch magazine. All-in-all, it was an absolute blast. Being the photo junky I am, at first I wanted to bring my best photo gear to document the night. But on second thought I figured it would be best to go with my more discreet Canon G9.

Just how war photographers prefer the smaller size and general unobtrusiveness of Leicas and other rangefinders, I found myself feeling the same way with my G9. While the hired photographers were fumbling around with their Nikon D3s and Canon 1Ds Mark IIIs (which were bulked up even more with flash rigs), I was able to get right down into the trenches and pull off some decent candids where a larger camera would have been a distraction.

You’ll notice that I took a lot of pictures of Paris Hilton because, well, when you’re a photographer standing next to Paris Hilton there’s not much else you can think of doing.

Click the photos below to view them larger – enjoy!

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    The only good one is of Kid Rock.
    He’s only kind of lame.

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    Wow! Kid Rock gave you the finger! It’s like he doesn’t care, man! He plays by his own rules!

    Also, how did you fight the urge to stab Perez Hilton in his fat fucking face?

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    You must have told Kid Rock the truth about his music, hence the angry response!

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    What a dull habitude show the middle finger? Idiots!

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    Paris Hilton is such a silly bitch!

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    the most stupid faces EVERRRR!!!!
    duck’em all

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    Did you know Amy Winehouse came to Brasil?
    See her at You Tube:
    enjoy it!

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    I don’t know them,
    I’m still Dutch and stupid.

    I do know the are all
    F’ing U G L Y!

    The are the most terrible combination of pixels I ever saw. Please FORMAT…..

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