iPhone’s Artist Icon Looks Like Bono


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    BlackBerry loves U2. I guess Apple does too.

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    Yeah right, cause U2 is the only band with a frontman shouting into a mic like that. Every 10th pic you take of a lead singer should look somewhat like this. No fail in this.

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    Why not?
    U2 even had their own-styled Ipod! That red and black awful brick.

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    well , i think Bono, is one of actual music icons, and theres nothing wrong about using reference images.. i say.. actually i’m learning design at college, and we do it all the time, of course thats not very original, but wasting time taking photos only for reference images, that probably will show a look a liked silhouette, yeah thats a waste of time..

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    not getting it. uninteresting.

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    cause that is probably one of the most uninteresting blogs in the internet

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    omg.. how lame can this site get? – and i dont mean the apple

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    Bono and Steve Jobs are close friends. It’s not a coincidence. Noticed how U2 were present in the early iPod ads.

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    Bono is an iconic singer in an iconic band. This icon can’t get any more intuitive.

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    Bono is the fucking man.. and u2 promoted the first ipod to support video! Bow Down To Him!

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