Is that a MacBook charger on the top of the World Trade Center?

While browsing the fantastic GigaPan image in’s amazing story about the new World Trade Center, I zoomed into the junk at the top of the spire and discovered what looks like a MacBook charger! Maybe they’re using some Apple hardware to control the lights? Or maybe it’s just a similar looking cable… Can anyone confirm this?

Here are some screenshots, followed by what the actual charger looks like.






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    Prob something the Gigapan people were using but yea that looks like an apple power adaptor

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    So that’s where I left it. DAMNIT!

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    A friend of mine was involved with the project, and she tells me that if it is an Apple adapter it has nothing to do with the turntable mirror aspect. It’s still possible that it is what you suspect and it may be related to the control of the LED petals.

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    As an electrician who worked on the lighting for the sore I can assure that the charger is not part of any permanent installation

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    As an who worked on the lighting for the spire I can assure that the charger is not part of any permanent installation. The electrical outlet up there is intended solely for maintenance use such as tools and cleaning equipment. All programming for the lighting can be done remotely…. As a matter of fact it can even be done from an Android phone

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