Life on Mars

I saw a filming of “Life on Mars” the other day while on my way to work. I snapped a photo that didn’t seem too interesting at the time – an old-fashioned fire truck and police car, some extras dressed in 1950s garb, a big crew – the usual. But check out what I saw when I blew up the photo (below). Either there’s a scene that features the invisible man, or it’s a stunt man who’s going to be set on fire. My money’s with the fire one. Any viewers of Life on Mars want to let me know if I’m right in the coming weeks? Does anyone even watch that show?

Computer: Enhance! Enhance!

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    In related news, isn’t it sad that CBGBs is now a John Varvatos?

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    very, but thats the way of the world–take away that which is great

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    Dear God, is that a land shark?

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    I think you mean 1970′s Garb.
    The butterfly collars and leather jackets give it away.
    plus the fact that the entire concept for the series is someone who gets a bump on the noggin and wakes up in 1972 or so.
    The no-face guy reminds me somewhat of the no face guys in Floyd’s The Wall.

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    I don’t know…. I can’t catch any stations from Mars since the FCC went all digital and stuff….

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    reminds me of the slender man

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