Michael Sanzone Gallery Show

What rhymes with “fart” but doesn’t have an “f” in it? Right. Art!!! Writer, filmmaker, artist, and former roommate Michael Sanzone will be showing some of his new works from Japan at the 55 Mercer Gallery in New York City starting this Thursday. The exhibit goes until March 24th, but you (yes, YOU!) are strongly advised to come this Thursday, March 1st, 6-8 PM for the opening reception. For more information and previews of the exhibit, visit www.michaelsanzone.com. Hope to see you there!

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    what rhymes with “my pee hair?”
    That’s right…I’ll be there.

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    Is Mike Sanzone in Japan? Or are the works just called “New works from Japan” because they look Japanese? Or are they really from Japan and Mike Sanzone is here? If so, how did Mike Sanzone do them remotely?
    I will definitely come if I can make it on time.

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    To answer your questions on behalf of Mr. Sanzone:
    Mike started this project during his month-long trip to Japan. Inspired by images of the Geisha, he began drawing and painting variations on that theme. After he returned to America, he continued painting different Geisha girls and has now amassed 200 of them. This collection has been constructed into a single piece.
    Also, Mike LOVES vadge. LOVES it.

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    Update – photos from the event have just been posted at http://www.michaelsanzone.com. I don’t know who the photographer is, but holy good mother of god those photos are beautiful.

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    How about you pay my from Kansas City to NYC and then I’ll think about it…

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