NYC Subways Use Apple’s Keynote Software

Has anyone else noticed that the displays on the new NYC subways seem to use Apple’s Keynote presentation software? If you’ve ever used Keynote, pay attention to the transitions and you’ll recognize all your favorites – Cube, Dissolve, Pop – they’re all there!

Does anyone know if they actually have a little Mac running the show inside every subway, or if it’s just a video file looping?

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    It’s actually the essential guts of a Mac, loaded up in a compartment at the front of the train and feeding to each monitor throughout the train. That’s funny you noticed that. I’m not clear how they update… It’s gotta be wireless.

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    ooh! wireless! i smell a hack coming on

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    dude – ever thought about this add could be just a movie and the build-in player is updated by some sort of centralized system?

    apple’s keynote presentation converted to a movie and the uploaded to the whatever-player in the train…

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    Umm, yes Steve I have thought if that, which is why I mentioned it in my post.

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    I think I read somewhere a year or two ago that a lot of public transportation systems were changing away from Windows. But I thought it said they were going to Unix systems (which I guess is basically Mac), as well. I know some Linux distros have those effects as well.

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