January 15, 2014

How Does Zach King Upload His Videos to Vine?

Vine sensation Zach King has been getting a lot of press lately. And for good reason – his Vines are truly amazing.

I understand how these effects could be achieved by using After Effects and similar programs, but my question is how does he upload these pre-recorded videos to Vine? From my understanding Vine only allows you to upload video shot directly within the app.

Any thoughts? Leave a comment!

January 5, 2014

Testing Security Glass

I want this job.

January 3, 2014

Breaking Bad, House of Cards Style

Also of note, “Breaking Bad Opening Credits (The Wire Style)”

Via Reddit

December 18, 2013

The Best Yo Momma Jokes

This Reddit thread has a great collection of Yo Momma jokes. They’re all pretty typical, but this one really struck me with its ingenuity.


Goof stuff.

Two More Awesome Physics Simulation Videos

I can’t get enough of this stuff.

November 20, 2013

Find The Invisible Cow

You need audio for this. Play this game and it’s impossible not to laugh.


Amazing Fluid Particle Simulator

I just love things like this.

There are a ton more links to other simulations and visualizations in this Hacker News thread.

November 4, 2013

Hardcore History Podcast

Although I don't fancy myself much of a history buff, I've been totally geeking out on the Hardcore History podcast by Dan Carlin.

His descriptive storytelling and flair for the dramatic can hold your attention for hours. I highly reccomend the Ghengis Khan series, but be warned it's incredibly gorey (and awesome).

Do yourself a favor and dive into the latest episode about the lead-up to the first world war. In it, Carlin reads from an account of an American in Brussels who witnesses the German army passing through Belgium, on their way to the front lines. I can't stop thinking about what it must have been like to witness this endless column of man and material. It must have been utterly surreal and terrifying.

The entrance of the German army into Brussels has lost the human quality. It was lost as soon as the three soldiers who led the army bicycled into the Boulevard du RĂ©gent and asked the way to the Gare du Nord. When they passed, the human note passed with them. What came after them, and twenty-four hours later is still coming, is not men marching, but a force of nature like a tidal wave, an avalanche or a river flooding its banks. At this minute it is rolling through Brussels as the swollen waters of the Conemaugh Valley swept through Johnstown.

At the sight of the first few regiments of the enemy we were thrilled with interest. After they had passed for three hours in one unbroken steel-gray column were bored. But when hour after hour passed and there was no halt, no breathing time, no open spaces in the ranks, the thing became uncanny, inhuman. You returned to watch it, fascinated. It held the mystery and menace of fog rolling toward you across the sea.

For seven hours the army passed in such solid column that not once might a taxicab or trolley car pass through the city. Like a river of steel it flowed, gray and ghostlike. Then, as dusk came and a thousands of horses' hoofs and thousands of iron boots continued to tramp forward, they struck tiny sparks from the stones, but the horses and men who beat out the sparks were invisible.

At midnight pack wagons and siege guns were still passing. At seven this morning I was awakened by the tramp of men and bands playing jauntily. Whether they marched all day or not I do not know; but for twenty six hours the gray army rumbled with the mystery of fog and the pertinacity of a steam roller.

If you've ever stood on the sidelines of a marathon, you'll know this feeling of awe as a river of humanity flows past you. If it’s visceral experience to witness a marathon, I can’t imagine what it must have been like to witness the army that would start a world war.

October 25, 2013

Incredible Robotic Dancing

This is some of the best “robotic” dancing I’ve ever seen. (Essential to watch with audio.)

Via Colossal

October 8, 2013

Great Parallax Website

This Danny Brown story by Complex Magazine is really well done.

This feels like the forefront of online publishing to me. My spidey-sense tells me that if it looks amazing and is very difficult to build, you’re doing it right; very similar to how painstaking it was to lay out a magazine in the 1950s.