Rock Bland

The fact that I can hit 95% accuracy while playing Blitzkrieg Bop on expert level in Rock Band is something to be proud of. But the fact that I posted a video of myself doing it to my blog is something to be horribly horribly ashamed of.

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    I can’t believe I watched the whole thing…
    Fun game.

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    I could only get through nearly half of this. I laughed to myself, as it reminded me of the south park episode where the kid is auditioning to play with Kyle, doing all the fingering on the neck of the guitar, all you hear is little clicking noises and they’re like “I LOVE THAT SONG!” I would think that it’d get boring after a while, but maybe not!

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    Impressive! If you want to be even better you should change your grip and use the Gladstone technique, works for me! On real drums ;) I challenge you to learn it and re-record the song!

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    hahaha so cool but the coolest thing is the column where the macbook is staying. I WANT IT!!!

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    Hey,dude,why don’t you try find the notes for Basket Case,and record a video playing the song?Or..Try other Green Day song!

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    Mmmmmm, yeah not to shabby.
    I keep looking for a tambourine to play in rock band…,mmm, thats my skill level.

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    omg… how old are you? like 38? get a life!

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    “7/8″ – drums – expert level : 100%

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