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If you’re a professional geek like me, making an important home decorating decision is impossible without firing up the ol Photoshop. A great example of this is the rigmarole I recently went through to make sure a new rug would be a worthwhile purchase. Whether or not you’ll like the rug is debatable, but my Photoshop skills are totally slammin.

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    can you simulate what my apartment would look like if i ever cleaned it?

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    I started reading your blog yesterday, and I must say, it’s great. I’m gonna keep checking back each day.

    You do have some good skills with photoshop.


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    Thanks Curt. But your comment was way too nice. Please pepper in some insults or racist ignorant statements next time. I mean, it’s the internet here.

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    Lets compare:
    1) you spent 3 hours in front of yor mac, you went to the shop, you bought it and checked the result.
    2) I would go to the shop, buy it, and, after all, if the result is poor…I would have next christmas gift for my mother in law….

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    You need some color on the
    walls,could be done/ curves or swirls, painted on the wall or fabric draped.
    Big vases/tall plants, reeds, dryed leaves, feathers, bamboo canes. Tapestry, mural, drift wood
    Something with a vertical line and some interest. You have a good start, keeep going.

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    …it looked so good and just like real …why bother buy the rug at all?

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    Ya. I have a BA in Visual Arts. But the most fulfilling art form to emerge from my degree is the ability to photoshop Hell’s Angels tattoos on the Pope.

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    This is an idea that would have taken me 2 lifetimes to think of, or, a lethal amount of caffeine. Either way, this is a brilliant idea.

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    You write clear, thorough posts,thank you!

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    I want to thank you for teaching me a lot.

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