Sex Act Names

For the next installment of Smyles&Fish, we’re developing a list of unspeakable acts of depravity such as The Rusty Trombone, The Dirty Sanchez, The Cleveland Steamer, and The Blumkpin. However our list is entirely made-up. Any suggestions? To the comments!

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    “The Stowaway”
    “The Vice President”
    “The Nanny”
    “The Brokeback”
    “The Lobster”
    “The Einstein”
    “The Senator”
    “The In-Flight Movie”
    “The Prison Lunch”
    “The Disgruntled Employee”

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    “The Twilly Gibbler”
    “The Rud”
    “The Flemish Somersault”
    “The Dry Suprise”
    “The Douglas Fir”

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    “The Granny Smith”
    “The Reboot”
    “Lil’ Frankie’s Haymaker”
    “The ol’ Zombie Toe”
    “Six Ways to Sunday”
    “The Amish Cropduster”
    “The Alan Arkin”

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    “The Troublesome Stepchild”
    “The Shameful Breakfast”
    “The iPod Shuffle”
    “The Lawnjockey”

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    “The Nazi Sidecar”
    “The Chinese are in Asia”
    Sorry, I can’t stop and ANYTHING is starting to get funny.
    “Mom’s Pie Recipe”
    “The Trembling Manservant”

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    This is GOLD!!! Keep ‘em flowin’
    “Tomb of the Unknown Soldier”
    “The MySpace Profile”
    “The Sleeping Bag”
    “The Red-Eye to Toronto”
    “The Magna Carta”

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    “The User Guide”
    “The Lawnmower”
    “The 60 Inch Plasma”
    “The Kitchenette”
    “The Immigration Act”
    “The Reform Bill”
    “The Budget Deficit”
    “The HOV Lane”
    “The Rudy Giuliani”
    “The Woodpecker Wrecker”
    “The Scientologist”

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    “The Beefsteak Charlie”
    “The Bait Shop”
    “The Lead Apron”
    “The Mechanical Pencil”
    “The Towering Inferno”
    “The Gentle Leader”
    “Affirmative Action”
    “The Gabe Silva”

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    The Gabe Silva involves finishing very quickly and crying, then complaining about it, as we all know

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    The Last Gunslinger
    The Amish Mechanic
    The American Way
    The Spy vs. Spy
    The Klutz
    The Shoehorn
    The Cable Cuff
    The Dark Tower

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    Let’s not forget that Iris has a list of seven thousand of these. As addendum:
    The Older Brother
    The Postman Always Rings Twice
    The Paralegal
    Expired Driver’s License
    The Ball Point Pen
    The Sakagewea

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