Slim Shots

I saw this little bit of high-brow billboard modification while waiting for the B train in Chinatown yesterday, and what fascinates me is the sheer transparency of the artist’s process. It’s hard to tell where he (and I’m sure it’s a he) began, but in looking at his work it’s easy to decipher his artistic intentions.

“See that cup of white liquid? Well that’s going to need a cock-n-balls right there. And the word ‘Appitite?’ Easy. Now it says ‘tit.’ This is working out GREAT so far!”

My only critique is that I would have gone with “ho” instead of “hots” up top. But I guess everyone’s a critic.

What would YOU have done to enhance this ad? To the comments!

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    But I’m afraid that no matter how hard we try, we’re not going to do better than this one or this one.

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    And he forgot the hide the LI in SLIM.

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    Use the sharpie to turn “Eat less without feeling hungry for up to 8 hours” into “Eat it hungry ho”

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    lol i wouldve done “CUM SHOTS” instead

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