I hope this doesn’t offend anyone, but if you like wine and have never been to you’re a fucking idiot.

Full disclosure – my roommate Mark is the CTO of the website. But that doesn’t make it any less awesome, and I’m certainly not getting anything in return for pimping their site. It’s just a really well-done website for learning about the wines you like and the wines you don’t. They have a pretty nifty way of suggesting wines you’ll appreciate based off of how you’ve rated other wines in the past. For example, tonight I’m cozying up with a Salmon Run Pinot Noir even though I just discovered I’m not particularly jazzed about it. So I rated it a 1.5 out of 5 (and wrote the following helpful review) and snooth’s nifty algorithm will suggest for me wines that I won’t think suck in the future. It’s both simple and brilliantly complex. Here’s the review I wrote – care of their “blog it” button that appears after every review you write.

Dr. Frank`s Vinifera Wine Cellars Salmon Run Pinot Noir 2007 (SnoothRank: 0/5)
(April 2008)
Not sure if I'm crazy about this one. It's very light, almost effervescent, but it doesn't do anything. The flavor just sits on my tongue and doesn't go anywhere or blossom into anything. Every sip would be forgettable – although that's not much help given the flashing lights in my rear-view mirror. myRating 1.5/5

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    I teach wine classes as a side gig, and I agree; the site is fucking fantastic. I am spreading the word.

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    Nice Jeff – I’m sure the folks at Snooth will be happy to hear that. I think it would be pretty cool if everyone in the wine class had a Snooth account and was friends with everyone else in the class, that way they could keep track of what everyone else is drinking/rating/reviewing. (OK, Snooth may or may not have just paid me $1,000 to say that.)

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    payment? more like gay roommate sex. could you BE any more obvi that you wanna do it in the butt with your roommie?

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    Mom, I thought you promised to stop commenting on my blog!

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    Yeah…I “teach wine classes” too. And by that I mean I drink my weight in wine each night and children study me in the gutter.

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    I gave it a 5/5. It WILL get you drunk.

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