So close…

Since the Russians aren’t making much progress on the riddle below, here’s a hint.

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    Yeap, man…This is our disaster aid to America. Shiping off right now…Just look up and open yr mouth!!!

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    A comment in English – I like that! :-p

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    This is getting rowdy. You should try to get Garry Kasparov to be a guest blogger.

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    Very much like americans, ain’t you? You’ d better watch Borat closely and with a greater attention – you won’t believe what a luagh has american behavior created!!!

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    From Russia with love.

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    Btw, 99% of americans won’t understand what this image means, since they just don’t know geography at all. Poor, stupid nation.

    P.S. Пендосы тупые.

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    А почему, интересно, у пендосов все шутки физиологические??? Вероятно, это то чем они мыслят……

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    That’s lots of collateral damage, dude. Borat’s homeland might eat it, but China definitely won’t.

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    Think a head, instead of an ass Mike!

    from Russia with hate!!!
    The nuclear weapon with us!

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    Fuck off, stupid americans.
    We drop a big big nuke bomb for your fukin country, therefor you shut up your stinky mouthes!

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    Why English only,Mike,Why?
    If you want to offend another country you should know it’s language, but you don’t know anything except baseball and…baseball,may,no only baseball. We,Russians, understand that it is just a provocation. We knew before that you and your ancestors are just convicts and whores that’ve escaped from Europe. But now we ascertain that you are not just convicts and whores-you are brainless convicts and whores.

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    You should read about alban language livejournal flashmob before trying to insult russians

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