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March 20, 2008

SWF and PDF icons look similar in OSX

I noticed something pretty annoying while cleaning up my desktop today. The icons for SWFs and PDFs look very similar, and as a result are hard to quickly identify when viewed as thumbnails. This is probably the worst thing in the world.

March 10, 2008

Balls of steel: Intentionally erasing my iTunes Music Library

Another reason why I love my Mac. This weekend I needed to edit some video in a pinch. The project was going to take about 20 gigs of hard drive space but I was away from my external hard drive and only had about 10 gigs of free space on my laptop. So what did I do? I did what any Mac user would do – I deleted my entire iTunes music folder. It cleared up about 65 gigs of space, and I was able to edit the video and all was well. Then when I got back home I restored all the files with Time Machine, which had automatically backed everything up. That’s how badass I am.

February 23, 2008

Why no Mac or UNIX errors on billboards and kiosks?

I spotted this Fandango ticket machine sporting a Windows dialogue box a few weeks ago and my fancy was, as is to be expected, tickled. I’m obviously not the first person to document these types of amusing Windows error messages before (a few examples are here, here, and here).

Common reactions to these error messages usually revolve around how much Windows sucks. While I do agree with that statement, it’s not a fair explanation of the ubiquity of these error messages. Instead, I think it’s just a numbers game. Since Windows computers are cheaper and easier to configure for kiosks/billboards than Macs, you’re more likely to see more error messages on them.

But what about UNIX? I’m no expert, but my understanding is that it’s just as cheap, if not cheaper, to put together a small and portable UNIX machine that would be perfect for a billboard or kiosk. So why haven’t we seen any UNIX error messages?

Got an image of a UNIX or a Mac error message on a billboard or a kiosk? Hook it up in the comments. And to help fan the flames… Windows sucks. Macs rule. And UNIX is confusing.

January 27, 2008

Apple Soundtrack

As if all the sound effects of the Mac OSX interface weren’t annoying enough, I decided to take things a step too far. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Due to popular demand, I’m posting the GarageBand file I created that’s responsible for this madness. Feel free to have your way with it. Download the zip here. Also, here’s an m4a audio file for those brave souls who want to risk this song suddenly coming on during a Party Shuffle.

January 24, 2008

iPhone Friend Locator – Kinda Proof of Concept

Here’s a pretty cool idea I wouldn’t mind seeing incorporated into the iPhone: the ability to see where your friends are on the Google Maps application. (By friends, I mean your friends with iPhones or other locatable devices.) For security, it would only allow you to look for and be found by people in your list of contacts. Here’s a mockup of how it would look if someone’s looking for you. Bitchin.

January 22, 2008

Graphic Designer Prank

Hate your job as a graphic designer? Don’t forget to do this before you quit.

January 18, 2008

iPhone Gripe

A cool feature I noticed about the iPhone is that I don’t need to eject it from iTunes before unplugging it from my computer. Why can’t Apple figure out how to do this with a friggin iPod???

January 9, 2008

InDesign CS3 Benchmarks

While the web is buzzing with reports about how much faster Photoshop CS3 is on Intel Macs, there’s nary an article on the impressive speed improvements in InDesign CS3. As of this writing, if you search for "indesign benchmarks" or "indesign cs3 benchmarks" you get an astonishing combined total of one result (compared to about 2,000 results for "photoshop benchmarks" and "photoshop cs3 benchmarks").

So I fired up InDesign CS2 and CS3, whipped out my stopwatch, and set out to do some InDesign CS3 benchmarks of my own. And you thought your Wednesday night was awesome!

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The iPhone auto-suggests TriBeCa but not SoHo

I discovered this morning that the iPhone is so hip, it’ll auto-suggest the proper spelling of TriBeCa. But interestingly (that is, if you find this stuff interesting, which is doubtful) it won’t auto-suggest “SoHo” when you type soho.

November 18, 2007

Apple Time Lapse

If you’ve ever wondered what 48 hours of apple rot looks like in ten seconds, look no further.

And for more fun, check out the interactive version after the jump…

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