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September 8, 2014

Poorly Drawn Comic

This scene popped into my head and I felt compelled to make a poorly drawn comic about it. Enjoy!


June 6, 2013

120 New Yorker Cartoons Combined

What happens when you write a Photoshop action that combines hundreds of cartoons from The New Yorker? This!

March 14, 2013

Barry Lyndon’s Opening Scene and the Golden Ratio

I re-watched “Barry Lyndon” last weekend and was reminded of how perfectly Stanley Kubrick framed his shots.

The opening scene, below, is one of the most beautifully-framed shots I’ve ever seen in a film. The more you look at it, the more you say “Yes. Why yes, that’s nicely framed.” And the better it looks too.

Kubrick’s use of the Golden Ratio here is pretty astonishing. While a composition will usually look nice with one use of the ratio, here I’m counting between three and four examples of it.

This would be impressive enough in a painting, but the fact that Kubrick was able to achieve such beauty in a real environment is even more stunning. Pretty badass Stanley.

July 18, 2010

Michael Sanzone Revisited

Couldn’t decide which photo to use so I used them both. You’re looking at some of artist Michael Sanzone‘s latest work, photographed two weeks ago at the Here Arts Center in the West Village. I love how the reflections toward the top-left look like Apple’s Aqua user interface buttons.

Those curios about the artist might enjoy this entry.

Those curios about everything else might enjoy everything else here.

March 21, 2009

Boys and Girls

I just finished making an interactive version of the “Boys and Girls” installation mentioned in my previous post. Click the image to get started. Enjoy!

Sanzone-Holloway Photos from M55 Art

For your viewing pleasure, here are some photos I took of artist Michael Sanzone‘s current exhibition at M55 Art in Long Island City. The exhibition features his wood sculptures, many of which were made during his two month artist’s residency at the Glenfiddich distillery in Scotland from whiskey barrels.

The highlight of the show is an installation called Boys and Girls – a collaboration with artist Earl Holloway consisting of 105 wood panels, each with a depiction of childhood.

If you’re in the New York City area you should check it out. It’ll knock you on your ass.

View more of this here.

January 14, 2008

Radiohead Grandpa

While spending some time with my girlfriend and her grandfather this weekend, I spotted a self-portrait of him from the 80s that bore a striking resemblance to Thom Yorke from Radiohead. (Click to view large.) Creeeeeepy….

February 27, 2007

Michael Sanzone Gallery Show

What rhymes with “fart” but doesn’t have an “f” in it? Right. Art!!! Writer, filmmaker, artist, and former roommate Michael Sanzone will be showing some of his new works from Japan at the 55 Mercer Gallery in New York City starting this Thursday. The exhibit goes until March 24th, but you (yes, YOU!) are strongly advised to come this Thursday, March 1st, 6-8 PM for the opening reception. For more information and previews of the exhibit, visit Hope to see you there!

March 4, 2005

Cropping a NYC Subway Map

Next time you’re looking at an NYC subway map, look really (I mean really) closely at the City Hall stop in the downtown area. There’s a great piece of modern art lurking down there.
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