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November 6, 2006

Faces of the New York City Marathon

I took tons of photos at the marathon today. Click on the thumbnail to view the images large and help me name these people in the comments section!

June 19, 2006

Photos of a Burning Mercedes in New York City

A Mercedes on Fire in New York City

It’s not every day that one gets to see a Mercedes on fire. But for me, Friday was that day. Cameraphone photos are here.

March 7, 2006

Gabe Silva Art Gallery Showing

So the gallery opening went well last night. Comments on my photographic retrospective of Gabe Silva entitled “Cry Me A Liver” ranged from “thought-provoking” to “definitely right up there on the walls.”
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January 6, 2006

Gabe Silva’s Lightning Testicles

January 3, 2006

Happy Holidays Light Drawings

Here’s to wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year!

All the best,Gabe, Mike, and Mike

January 23, 2005

Before and After Snowstorm Photos

Who says I don’t live in a white neighborhood? Photos from before and after a big snowstorm.

August 10, 2004

Washington Heights Fire

Tonight as I got off the subway I was greeted with thick black smoke, blazing sirens, and thousands of people on the street. It seems the 99 cent store about a block from my apartment had caught fire. I had my camera, a fully charged battery, and a surprisingly absent sense of self-preservation. Enjoy the photos! (Click the photo for the gallery)

October 21, 2003

Tinkle Booze Cruise Photos

Here are the photos from the legendary Tinkle Booze Cruise Click here