The Youngest Candidate Trailer

Do you ever have days when you feel privileged to know people who can make stuff this awesome?

Check out the trailer for Jason Pollock’s new documentary, “The Youngest Candidate.” Trailers don’t get much better than this.

PS – check out the movie’s website, It was designed by Shepard Fairey. Don’t know who Shepard Fairey is? He’s the guy that designed this. ‘Nuff said.

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    Theese teeanagers seem to be a lot smarter than over here in Germany.
    Over here we only know Sauerkraut beer and Pretzels. And by the way we love to sniff our own farts. I mostely like the beerfarts of my mom. The have this soft note of mustard and warm cinnamon . . . .

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    In my country politician are all old man. They no let boys be politician. Boys listen too much rock and roll, make crazy dance.

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    Thanks to for posting my trailer! You truly rock!:)

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