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Over the weekend, Gabe and I (HI GABE!!!!!!!!) received one of the coolest presents ever. Our friend Amanda produced a lovely disaster mix for us – "The Silva/Solomon Tsunami Jamboree!" The mix CD is so astounding, not only have I included the playlist below, but I’m also adding some keywords so it gets ranked higher on Google. Tsunami Album. Tsunami Mix. Tsunami Jamboree. Tsunami relief effort. How do I help the tsunami victims? I want to donate money to the tsunami relief effort. Penis Enlargement. Viagra.

1 – Wipeout – RALPH REBEL

2 – Singapore – TOM WAITS

3 – Tokyo Storm Warning – ELVIS COSTELLO

4 – Catch a Wave – THE BEACH BOYS

5 – Secrets of the Sea – BILLY BRAGG & WILCO

6 – Body Count – ICE-T

7 – Christmas Island – THE ANDREW SISTERS

8 – My City Was Gone - THE PRETENDERS

9 – Five Feet High and Rising – JOHNNY CASH

10 – One Night in Bangkok – MURRAY HEAD


12 – (Sittin’ On The) Dock of the Bay – OTIS REDDING

13 – Ain’t Goin’ to Goa – A3

14 – Brick – BEN FOLDS FIVE

15 – The Tide is High – THE PARAGONS

16 – Nightswimming – R.E.M.

17 – Bridge Over Troubled Water – SIMON & GARFUNKEL

18 – Wave of Mutilation – THE PIXIES

19 – The Times They Are A-Changin’ – BOB DYLAN

We’ve had a lot of laughs here today folks. Lots and lots and lots of laughs. Because that was funneeeeey. Oh, and donate to the relief effort.

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    My favorite is Nightswimming. Because it deserves a quiet night.

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    My favorite is “Body Count.” Because all those people died!
    Oh man. Okay, seriously though: In light of what just occurred in California, feel free to add Stevie Nicks’s “Landslide” to the list and burn the CD again.

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    Sounds like a great mix. But, how could you omit “Higher Ground”, the Stevie Wonder or Red Hot Chili Peppers version?

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    AAARRRRRGGGGHHHH! A glaring omission. I also thought “High & Dry” by Radiohead might be good. Maybe it’s time for Tsunami Jamboree II.

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    Oh man these are awesome – thanks so much everyone.
    There’s also an obscure Eric Clapton song called “River of Tears” if anyone cares. But it’s from his post-Babyface years so nobody’s heard it. Eric?!?!

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    Nice website. I have added it to my favorites.

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