Upside-down freelancer union ad

Creating a progressive and abstract print ad can be a good thing. But creating an ad that’s so abstract that the dude putting them up can’t tell the damn thing is upside down? Not so good.

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    Looks like Mike’s bedroom, don’t it honey?

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    Why does it look like my bedroom? Is it because the artwork is hung carelessly? Or because it’s covered in urine and feces?

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    What, You guys don’t see it right side up? Uh Oh.

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    The sign is in spanish… Si??

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    I think, the truth is, someone mounted two subway-seats to the ceiling, turned the other poster and the small emergency sign updside down and took the photo with the camera also upside down, just to discredit the designer of the poster in the middle. It’s that easy!

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    Both. And because it’s made out of tin.

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    am I so drunk or the world upside down??

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