Hey Everyone – I’m headed out for a week-long vacation. Upon my return, the highest-rated comment for this post will get a prize. What’s the prize, you ask? Well I can’t tell you now, but don’t worry – it’s sure to be something very disappointing.

See ya next week, Internet!

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    Yeah… I’ve got a highly rated comment for you:

    Going away on a “week-long vacation” (aka. official vagina transplant ceremony, or “man bris”) is for ‘mos and ‘tards. If you had any sack, you’d be spending your “vacation” at home eating pop tarts and watching reruns of Thundercats like the rest of the self-respecting men under 30. Unless of course this is all a ruse to hide your spastic colon flare up from your co-workers, in which case, um, yea- sorry about that vagina bit.

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    The major part of us are going in vacation during this week, so it won’t be a hard competition.

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    I say we all get behind Clint so that he may receive the shitty prize.

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    I agree.

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    Is it comments on this post, or on the pic he posted the same day?

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    think twice

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    What offends me most is that Clint wants to suggest I’m under 30.

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    hi everyone – im in budapest. no shit. just to clarify, the prize is for comments on this post only, not any prior posts. now if youll excuse me, my new vadge is almost fully thawed and its time for the operation…

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    Hmmm…Mike Solomon mysteriously disappears just before Time declares Putin “Man of the Year?” Somehow I think this is all going to end in tears and Polonium 210.

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    From Reuters:

    …When asked what he thought about being named Time ‘Man of the Year,’ President Putin said cryptically, “Moose and sqvirrel must die.” After a short pause he added, “Yes, die–much like my nemesis Mike “Ivan Irritator” Solomon…hehehe.”

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    Dude… I hope the prize is a 50-click Flash animation of Matryoshka doll (of course with my head on it) which ends in a photo of me taking a huge crap on Mother Russia. That would be wicked!

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    oioi for this i shaved my legs?

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    please give me a thumbs down rating!

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