Vintage 1999 Flash Animations

These are some really old, immature, and often bizarre flash animations I made while at college. Ahhhh, to be young again.

Cruise VS Walken

Wrapping Tape

The Ants


Barry White

Rhythmic Preview

First Animation Ever

IBM – Solutions for Business


Lil Franky

Really Lost Highway

Mastercard 1

Mastercard 2

Derek’s Mexican Vacation

If You’ve Been Bad

School’s Out


Phil Meets Karl Orf

Phil Cures His Problems

Phil VS The Asteriod

Mr. Roboto

Smith Quality

The Getaway

The Nightmare

Walken – The Original

The Yearbook

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    id like to know if the kinda song in ‘the nightmare’ is a song and if it is what is it…??? tnx

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    Now i know what caused 9/11.

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