Washington Heights Free Radio

If you’ve ever wanted to hear me co-host a radio show, then this Wednesday is your chance. I’ll be co-hosting Amanda Nazario’s weekly radio program on Washington Heights Free Radio this Wednesday from 7-9PM EST. All comments to this post will be considered shout-outs and might even be read on the air if you’re lucky.

Listen to the streaming webcast on Wednesday, 7-9PM EST here.

Also, you may remember I’ve had some experience with radio in the past…

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    I’ll try to catch you on the air Mike. Thanks for sucking out the madness with your empty bubbles.

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    The show was a great success. Special thanks to Shay and Justin who stopped by and looked at electric retard on my iphone with me.

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    Thank you, Mike! Your insights about Randy Newman will not be forgotten. Nor will the crap you took on the studio floor. Siggghhhh.

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