Why no Mac or UNIX errors on billboards and kiosks?

I spotted this Fandango ticket machine sporting a Windows dialogue box a few weeks ago and my fancy was, as is to be expected, tickled. I’m obviously not the first person to document these types of amusing Windows error messages before (a few examples are here, here, and here).

Common reactions to these error messages usually revolve around how much Windows sucks. While I do agree with that statement, it’s not a fair explanation of the ubiquity of these error messages. Instead, I think it’s just a numbers game. Since Windows computers are cheaper and easier to configure for kiosks/billboards than Macs, you’re more likely to see more error messages on them.

But what about UNIX? I’m no expert, but my understanding is that it’s just as cheap, if not cheaper, to put together a small and portable UNIX machine that would be perfect for a billboard or kiosk. So why haven’t we seen any UNIX error messages?

Got an image of a UNIX or a Mac error message on a billboard or a kiosk? Hook it up in the comments. And to help fan the flames… Windows sucks. Macs rule. And UNIX is confusing.

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    Don’t be angry with Windows just because they’re everywhere. You’re going to find more Windows errors than Mac errors because you’ll never find someone spending ridiculous amounts of money on a machine that was designed for a much more narrow purpose… Last I checked, art is Mac – BUSINESS is PC and Windows.

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    Windows does suck. Period. I don’t care if it is everywhere or nowhere. It is a highly brittle OS that has become more brittle over time (“security” updates have broken functionality on my XP machine more times that I care to remember). So, Windows just sucks. Period. Also, last I checked, most people in business are buying PC’s with Windows because they are brainwashed into thinking that there exists no other option, not because it is the best or cheapest.

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    @Sally Taco:

    You seem to be uninformed. The same office suite that you enjoy today on your Windows box is enjoyed by us over on the Apple side of the rainbow.

    It’s not about which one “sucks,” it’s about which one fits you better. If you happen to wear a size 14 shoe (I do.) you don’t go off and buy a size nine.

    If you like windows, that’s great. Quit trying to push it off onto us that are done with Winblows. WE got done with the BSoD. We got done having to put up with spyware and viruses and the metric asston of security holes that we didn’t feel like patching up.

    We’re tired of Microsoft’s state of mind where they think they can push out shitty products and have millions of people buy into it because nobody has the right amount of knowledge to say, “This sucks. I’ll stop buying it.”

    There’s enough stupid people buying into whatever they can get their hands on just so that they can say they own a computer. That’s the reason companies like Microsoft and Myspace have a following.

    This is a long comment.
    It’s rambly.
    It’s lengthy.
    And it’s probably full of shit you don’t agree with.

    Tough. I’m tired of Windows dill holes that tell me everyday that MY CHOICE to not suck makes me suck. In my opinion, Mac is better. So I switched. In your opinion, shit is better. So you stayed over there. It’s my choice, and it’s your choice. If you feel the need to press your choice onto me, that’s fine. I’ll do the exact opposite of what you’re doing.

    I’ll claim that Windows is shit and say you should switch to Mac.

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    Oh, sorry. I read your comment and flipped out. My epic tale is more directed towards mac/windows fighters and mac bashers.

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    ::Windows sucks. Macs rule. And UNIX is confusing.::

    Agreed sir.
    But Windows is so cheap. Most cannot afford Mac. Sure I’d love to work on a more error proof environment, but I’ll manage dealing with my 3 startup errors and 2 shutting down errors. :(

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    @dsheets re: comment about Office suite of apps…

    So…. Your tired of Microsoft’s state of mind yet you’ll gladly chock out the cash for a copy of Office 2008 for Mac?

    Maybe you should revise your broad, overstated comments about Microsoft.

    BTW – Good for you that you have a belief and back it up with making a wise purchase decision. Good for you. You’re correct – more people should do the same.

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    I use cracked win vista – works fine, no errors & microsoft wont get a cent.

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    So… No images of Mac or UNIX errors?

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    mac is a unix with micro$oft’s bills attached!!! :P

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    3 words: I love windows, it provides gaming, funny error messages that help people through the next 5 min of there life, and most off all the pc commericals

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    Remark No 1: Mac IS Unix, although quite a special one.

    Remark No 2: Don’t know about the original Unix but Linux is NOT confusing. I have been using Linux for a couple of years now (before that I was just a simple Windows user) and I find it much simpler and much less confusing than Windows. And it’s super flexible too! And last but not least: it’s legally free of charge!

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    does that count?

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