WordPress Update

There’s gone be some changes round these parts.

I know I used to harp on blogs but the time came when I had to admit defeat and embrace their ease of use.

I used to update this site manually, the old fashioned way, because I thought I was a purist. In much the same way some of us prefer the crackle and pop of those stupid vinyl records, I preferred to upload new content to this site via ftp and write much of the html by hand.

But do you know what that was? It was a gigantic pain in the ass. And who suffered? We all suffered. It sucked for me when I wanted to post something but was too lazy to write code for 20 minutes. And it sucked for you when you were bored – either unable or unwilling to seek out pornography – and thought that maybe you’d cruise on by the cleverest, because every once in a while – FUCK!!!! That fucker STILL hasn’t updated his website! What the FUCK is he waiting for?!?!

So now with the help of modern technology, I can upload new content to this site lickity-split without all the bullshit. But what’s reeeeally cool about “going blog” are the comments everyone can write. In fact, I strongly encourage you to leave a little something behind whenever you drop by. Don’t know what to write? Doesn’t matter. Nobody reads this shit anyway.

See you all in cyberspace!

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    hey look people, comments!

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