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October 30, 2012

Embedding a Tweet from an iPad

So it turns out that trying to embed a tweet from an iPad is a serious pain in the ass. Twitter hides its desktop version from iOS, so I needed to download a user agent switcher to fool the site into thinking I’m on a desktop.

Sidenote, I’m using an app called KissMyAgent. It does the job just fine, but its lack of tabs and quirky UI make me really appreciate how much thought goes into making a decent mobile web browser; it’s a lot more than just a web view.

So anyway, here’s a tweet embedded from an iPad. It’s a response from Newark Mayor Cory Booker responding to a person’s request for help about a fallen tree during hurricane Sandy. The fuck?

October 19, 2012

Simple age calculator

If you’ve ever wondered how old you’ll be in the future, I have just the tool for you. It’s deceptively simple, but endlessly fascinating. Check it out at