Canon Powershot G9 and Canon 5D Comparison

Canon Powershot G9 and Canon 5D Comparison

Being somewhat of a photography nut, I recently set out to buy a second camera to carry around for those times when my Canon 5D and slew of lenses would be overkill. After doing a bit of research I settled on the Canon Powershot G9, and last week I finally picked one up. So far I’ve been very impressed with the camera, but I wanted to see how it would hold up against the 5D in an unscientific yet unbiased comparison. And the results were pretty surprising. Sample photos and descriptions for the über photo geeks are below…

Comparison Details

All photos used in the comparison were shot in RAW mode and taken as-is from the camera. The only image adjustments were some slight color temperature adjusting in Lightroom and a little uniform sharpening in Photoshop. For resizing, all the photos were downscaled only, not upscaled, to guarantee maximum image quality. Only natural light was used – no flash.

Wide Angle – Far Focus

My first test was to compare the G9 with the 5D / EF 17-40mm 4.0L lens. As seen below, the photos are very similar. The G9 had slightly more barrel distortion and chromatic aberration by the edges than the 5D, but overall the similarity is impressive.

Canon Powershot G9 and Canon 5D Comparison

Wide Angle – Near Focus

Although the G9′s photos look great in-focus, I wanted to test the out-of-focus qualities of the camera. As you can see below, the G9 just can’t compete with the 5D’s background blur. This is most likely the result of the 5D’s larger image sensor. The background blur of the G9 looks blown out and flat, while the 5D’s background blur is oh so creamy. I hate that word though. Creamy.

Canon Powershot G9 and Canon 5D Comparison


The macro capabilities of this camera really impressed me. Besides some chromatic aberration by the edges, the image quality was very similar to the Canon 5D paired with a 100mm F2.8 lens. Note the Powershot G9′s wider depth-of-field than the 5D, which by comparison is razor thin.

Canon Powershot G9 and Canon 5D Comparison


Before this test, I would have sworn that my Canon 5D, combined with the 70-200 F2.8L IS lens, would have blown the G9 out of the water. But I was wrong. The G9 held up to the 5D with aplomb. The G9 isn’t quite as sharp as the 5D, but that’s about it. It’s amazing that I can fit this thing in my pocket without being arrested for lewd behavior. I wish I could say the same for the 70-200.

Canon Powershot G9 and Canon 5D Comparison

Telephoto – Indoors

Here’s where the differences begin to show themselves. In order to get a proper handheld indoor exposure with the G9 (without using a flash), you need to crank the ISO past the 400 mark. Images on the G9 above ISO 400 get very grainy, and images at ISO 1600 are basically unusable. But if you’re shooting for the web and won’t ever need to enlarge your photos, indoor telephoto on the G9 isn’t that bad. The only bonus is that you do get a wider depth-of-field than on the 5D/70-200 @ F2.8. But with a fastest usable shutter speed of 1/25th of a second, you’re not going to be able to stop too much action with that shutter speed.

Canon Powershot G9 and Canon 5D Comparison

Indoors – Wide Angle

Nothing beats a good fast prime lens on the 5D, and while the G9 was able to adequately capture the image, it doesn’t have the beautiful depth of field of the 5D and the 24mm F1.4L. Take a look at the 5D’s photo and marvel at the beautiful the out-of-focus highlights by the sink. Us photographers get off on this shit.

Canon Powershot G9 and Canon 5D Comparison

Outdoor, Night – Distant Focus

I was surprised how nicely the G9 held up to my favorite combo – the 5D and 50mm F1.4 lens. The high noise of the G9 is still a little disconcerting, but overall the images look similar when viewed small. Notice the 100% crop of the car interior and how much subtle detail the 5D captured compared with the G9.

Canon Powershot G9 and Canon 5D Comparison


Although many of these comparison photographs look similar, it doesn’t mean the cameras are similar. These photos represent the very best photos the G9 is capable of taking, while the 5D hardly broke a sweat. In extreme photographic situations requiring low-light shooting, subject tracking, narrow depth-of-field, and fast shutter speeds, the 5D will surely best the G9. But for situations where you simply need to capture a moment, the G9 is a very impressive option – especially if you’ve been spoiled by the amazing images the 5D produces.

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    Hey, I was surprised too!…

    Just bought a Nikon D80… I’m overwhelmed by the comtrol options and such. Never been a photograph.
    Now, will it look better than my Lumix?…

    Guess it depends on me – but I did thought before reading your article that the differences would be bigger!…


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    thanks, this is a very interesting, “down to earth” comparison from the user’s perspective.
    looking forward to receiving the g9 i ordered and see how it will complete my nikon d80.

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    Incorrect comparision, iso 400 vs iso 800, iso 80 vs iso 320, f2.8 vs f 1.8. Dislike the article.

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    @ Anatole, thanks for the comment. The purpose of this comparison was not to compare images with the exact same settings on both cameras. My goal was to get the best image quality out of each camera – regardless of the settings – then compare. Hope this helps clear things up.

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    I have 5 mpx Rekam for the same purposes but shoot with Canon 400d, when need good quality. Seems Canon G9 much better than my Rekam. Thanks for publishing comparison!

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    5D – видно, что лучше, хотя и ПовэрШот не здаёт позиции, ожидал от малютки меньшего, просто таки G9 превзошёл мои ожидания. Американцы, привет))

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    Они сейчас напишут что ты албанец )
    А вообще думал брать Canon EOS 350-400D, но думаю Powershot будет лучшим решением. В свете последних-то обстоятельств )

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    Сосите хуй пидорасы

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    Сравнили “Божий дар” с яичницой )))

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    A useful comparisom showing that luxury compacts like the G9 can compliment a DSLR very nicely. Except for high ISO shots and background separation bokeh it has performed well.
    I did a similar unscientific comparison with a K-M 5D and a Fuji 9100 (see my website link).

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    Ok guys, just disregard most of the Russian language comments… because it is either plain crap or outrageous crap.
    Thanks for the comparison! Now I’ll have to project the value to their price :-)

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    btw how do u guess about Russian comments? u speak that language?

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    НУ блин :) Ч Т Д :))

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    интересно, что за нехороший человек так ругается..
    Смешные тесты, однако. Ну, похожие снимки маленького размера :), и что? Для сравнения достаточно посмотреть снимки формата A3, сделаные этими камерами.

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    No surprise to me.

    I am the happy owner of two G-serie Canon, and I was never disappointed.

    Of course, nothing to compare with professional cameras. But G-series are buy far the best products on the market for daily amateur pictures.

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    интересно, человек, который покапает мыльницу типа G9 будет делать формат A3? оно ему надо?

    А вообще результаты удивили. Canon – молодцы. Про 5D, собственно, ничего нового и удивительного – все вполне закономерно. А вот G9 действительно вещь (конечно же для своей ценовой категории)

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    Ну и что удивительного? на снимках где на 5Д размыт задний фон ОН И ДОЛЖЕН БЫТЬ РАЗМЫТ..просто это качественная камера и правильно ставит экспозицию и фокусы, реально видно что у g9 шумов больше…ГОРАЗДО больше…и вообще есть ли смысл сравнивать профессиональную зеркалку с цифрокомпактом…у меня лично Olimpus e-330

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    результатом подобных тестов-сравнений должно стать убеждение заходящих сюда в том, что не нужно покупать цифро-зеркалки с эльками, а достаточно заиметь G9, и будет фотографическое счастье. я доступно объяснил, чем “Это” всё-таки лучше, чем “То”. а размытый фон не зависит от качества камеры, а достигается в большинстве случаев максимально открытой диафрагмой, например, начиная от 2,8. при больших фокусных расстояниях – от 3,5.

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    Здесь сравнили снимки. Видно, что G9 хуже и намного. Почему сравнили на минимальных ISO? Давайте сравним хотя-бы на ISO 400. Увы результат для G9 будет плачевным. Но если уж решили сравнить “хрен с морковкой”(мыльницу и зеркалку), то надо сравнивать технические данные. Ну например: скорость съёмки, скорость фокусировки, возможность смены объектива, хроматические и геометрические искажения и т.д. и т.п.
    Хотя, G9 как и G7 лучшие аппараты в своём классе. А срвнивать зеркало и мыло – как минимум не корректно.

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    Very interesting – I have been trying to decide whether to replace my Nikon D100 with a 5D as the price had dropped quite a pick (replacement on the way, I am sure). Definately doing it now. The G9? Not so much. For me the quality just isn’t there. Too much noise and chromatic aberrations. I guess I am too picky.

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    И что из всего вышеизложенного следует?

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    Looks very great guys. Need to hurry to get one G9. I am not PRO in photo, but for personal use its one of the best.
    И для наших, америкосы атцтой епта..
    G9 номано. ПУсть в жопу себе камеры вставят и фоткают, надо хоть при равных условиях тесты проводить

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    Ni Hao. Wo jiao ya lin shan da. Xiong mao wey ho.

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    I’m not entirely convinced you know how aperture is related to focal length, sensor size and depth-of-field:

    “… can’t compete with the 5D’s background blur. This is most likely the result of the 5D’s larger image sensor…”
    Ah, that’s a big no. It’s because of the aperture and focal length/format size.

    “…while the G9 was able to adequately capture the image, it doesn’t have the beautiful depth of field of the 5D…”
    I’m guessing you meant to say, “…shallow depth of field”, where beauty is subjective you could say that the G9 has a beautiful DOF, since it’s a lot deeper. Whatever.

    And truly, using so many disparate variables like FL, aperture, and even ISOs: makes people wonder about your testing methodology. I owned both cameras, and while the 5D is an amazing SLR, comparing the two is borderline silly.

    If you really want creamy blur, amazing clarity and color bit depth, step up to Leica or a Hasselblad.

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    I had 5d, it’s pretty good, but Mark is better.

    I cant’ even think about taking photos with some tiny things like powershot or coolpix.

    Привет, землякам. Хоош уже срать в каментах у этих янки. задавим интеллектом;)

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    Looking at the objective of this review: “Being somewhat of a photography nut, I recently set out to buy a second camera to carry around for those times when my Canon 5D and slew of lenses would be overkill.”

    The comment above by “~galatea November 25th, 2007 at 8:23 am is missing the whole point.

    The best camera in the world is useless if you do not have it with you. A slightly poorer picture from a pocket size camera is much better than no picture at all.

    Looking at things in this light makes comparing a pocket camera, like the G9, to the ‘quality cameras’ makes a lot of sense.

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    I felt that just by reading this article I didnt get a just comparison with regard to the fstops, shutter speed etc … If I proper comparision was to be made, why didnt both have the exact same settings. I know the G9 is limited in this regard as opposed to the 5D. The 5D is obviously a far superior camera with regard to it’s versitility, and so proper compasison should have been made with like camera settings of the G9.

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    This turned out to be a very useful article to me, as I own both a 5D and have recentlly purchased the G9 for exactly the same reason.
    I like shooting landscapes/nature. So naturally I have to lug all the heavy gear. But I also need to take snapshots of my kids at school all the time. G9 would be the perfecct camera for it.

    On the point of attaining equivalent comparison of these 2 cameras, naturally thte f stops/shutter speed/iso settings cannot be the same because of the different sensor sizes. If these settings were set the same, then the apparent exposure and total amoutn of light would be different.

    I think the “Cleverest” has shown a good point of G9′s best IQ capability which is what’s important here.

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    Excellent article – I would like to point out that the differences are apparent when making a direct comparison. I have takes shots with the G9 in controlled studio situations and I’ll tell you what… most people that see the photos, other photographers included, have no idea that a compact was used – I manipulate the backgrounds for most of my work so the depth of field is not usually critical and the G9 is permanently in place and slightly hacked for my particular requirements. The photographer is far more important than his tools so for those stuck on nitpicking, get a life and develop some skills.

  30.  Rate Comment Up Rate Comment Down  error|1

    Thanks for the comparison and I understood what you set out to do from the get-go. I’m looking at getting a G-9 to carry around for everyday situations instead of lugging around all my camer gear and everything I read seems to indicate the G9 does a respectable job.
    I also appreciated John’s comments on being able to get respectable pictures in studio settings that even the pros can’t tell was taken with a P&S.

    Thanks for taking the time to do the comparison even though some tools can’t appreciate the time it takes to do something like this and can only harp on semantical debates and claiming the test was ‘borderline silly’.

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    izvenite no nam nado sdelat test
    vi ved ne bydete protiv admini

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    I own a similar Canon set of lenses and the G9 as well. Of course the G9 if far away from the “big set” specially with low light, but shotting outdoors at iso 100 or 80 closing at f4 makes difficult to find differences.
    The G9 at Macro, with a tripod and external flash is difficult to beat by the 1DsMkII and the 100 2,8 macro…
    The main difference is that the G9 is always there to take pictures at any time.
    By the way, I find the test quite realistic and un-scientific. Thanks.

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    The best camera in the world is useless if you do not have it with you. A slightly poorer picture from a pocket size camera is much better than no picture at all.

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    I have a Canon 400D with some nice lenses including the 70-200 f/2.8 IS L but I can’t have all this gear with me all the time. Hence the Panasonic TZ3 which goes wherever I go. And I’ve got some good candid shots with it. And outdoors at 100 ISO its Leica designed lens performs extremely well – hard to pick from a DSLR. Of course low light and action is another matter. About 18 months ago I took my then Canon 300D and 28-135 lens while a friend took his Canon A530 compact. We took identical scenic shots from a tripod, and apart from megapixels the shots were indistinguisable when viewed 100%. As others have said, the camera you have with you is worth more than the one at home, or in the car. Thanks for the review.

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    Great article. I have the 5D and a S40. Was looking to upgrade to G9 as handy backup because S40 IQ even from raw is only ok. Glad to see G9 has excellent IQ for a point and shoot. Might make the plunge now.

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    i put a wide angle on my g9 and i see a black halo on the screen and picture do i have to zoom past that or is something wrong

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    Nice USER ( not supertech-son-of-tech-supertech) report

    So what if some techy details were off, only mad dogs and englishmen and pixel peepers go out with two cameras IRL and use exactly te same set up for every pic

    It told ME what I wanted to know – and for that I thank you

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    Thanks for a good article. Ive had a nikon D70 for a few years and bought a Canon G7 for long hikes and versatility etc. i was completely Blown away by the G7. ALL of the G7 pix were better in the respect of noise and Dynamic range. the D70 always seems to have over and under exposed areas in every pic i take as where the G7 seems to capture this stuff better. perhaps because of the D70′s age? anyway, i just got a G9. also the G9and G7 seem much more versatile and user intuitive than the nikon P5000/P/5100. maybe it’s just me. G9= usefull tool!

  39.  Rate Comment Up Rate Comment Down  error|1

    The Canon 5D is just an amazing DSLR. I must say the G9 was impressive too.

  40.  Rate Comment Up Rate Comment Down  error|1

    Thans, useful information

  41.  Rate Comment Up Rate Comment Down  error|1

    Photography is obviously even more subjective than I realised. For instance I like a photo to look like the real thing. Consequently I think the 5D photo of the kitchen is just a bad photo, it’s mostly out of focus and doesn’t give a good representation of the kitchen. If it really looked like that to me I’d be ordering new specs. On the other hand, if it’s a photo of the cup then it’s a good “arty” photo of the cup with a nice “draw the eye to the main subject” sort of effect.

    The G9′s looks like an acceptable pic of the whole kitchen…. but thats just my view.

    As to the way the tests were carried out, I think its great.When you have just enough time to aquire your target and take the shot you either carry a monster rig preset at some average settings for your current surroundings and do a shed load of post processing or carry something like a G9.

    Anywho, regardless of anything anyone says I enjoyed reading the article and I thank you for doing it.

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    Thanks for the comparisons.

    I have both cameras as well and am debating whether to go with the G9 alone on an upcoming trip to UK.

    I did some tests at a local indoor market and there are shots that the G9 just can’t get because it doesn’t have the range of the 5D. The G9 can get it right for about 70% of shots but so many great pictures will be lost using the G9 because of noise and when you need great “bokeh” (that’s the creamy stuff).

    I am going to take both cameras and see how it goes.

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    Can I translate this article into Chinese? I think many Taiwan G9 users will be interested in this comparison.

  44.  Rate Comment Up Rate Comment Down  error|1

    Umm .. even a a720IS will produce the same quality pics (it’s even got the same lens as the G9). This is an unfair comparison. My 5D takes way better pics than the G9. For snapshots like these .. any old cam can take good pics. Cheers.

  45.  Rate Comment Up Rate Comment Down  error|1

    Canon g9 takes those shots you took in the sample, but way better with lower iso; less noisy results.

  46.  Rate Comment Up Rate Comment Down  error|1

    G9 rules so much.

  47.  Rate Comment Up Rate Comment Down  error|1

    Real pragmatic review. Although there are some questions on some of the comparisons, I applaud your work. Thanks so much and keep these types of comparisons going – they’re quite insightful.

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    Unexpected but interesting comparaison.
    Yet, it would be interesting to view the full-size pictures.

  49.  Rate Comment Up Rate Comment Down  error|1

    So we compare a $500 camera to a $8000 system and the $500 camera made an impressive showing! I think that is amazing. Of course the best comparison is any of the G9 shots and a blank page … when it was just too much trouble to pack up a 100 lbs of camera equipment!

    I do use a Canon 5D and a Canon 30D along with several lens … I am now in the market for a camera to use when all the equipment is not the right solution! I stopped looking at th G9 when the problem with ISO above 400. Now it looks not that bad … so how about the dirty lens problem? I am still trying to understand the importance of this problem! I do not want to continue to send the camera back to Canon every few months to fix crud on the innards!

    I see people comparing $1000 lens to add to their camera arsenal but when you suggest a little different solution .. like a different camera body … it like it is a whole new world!

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    Great article!

    I do own both cameras as well and for the same purpose. One has to know the power/limitations of both cameras to use them properly and to get the best results. At my website one can see some G9 samples to show the capabilities of this camera.
    Most shots were made after visiting South Africa with the G9 and EOS 40D(not the 5D because of the “dustproblem”). The 40D was showing shutterrelease button malfunctioning within a week! The G9 performed flawlessly during the 4 week trip.

  51.  Rate Comment Up Rate Comment Down  error|1

    Nice job!
    Of course the 5D’s photos proved superior to the G9… but I have no intention of lugging a whole kit around with me anymore (I’ve got a Canon 10s film camera with 3 lenses etc that I long since stopped carrying with me).

    So the G9 looks pretty good for my purposes. That said, the 5D’s results sure looked sweet.

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    I like the comparison shots, thanks for the article. I have a G9 and love it’s portability. I met a Canon rep last weekend who showed me the actual sensor of the G9 mounted in a presentation case side by side with Canon’s C and full size sensors. While your 5D has a full 35mm size sensor (it’s big!), it’s amazing that the G9 has decent IQ with a 12MP sensor about the size of a pencil eraser!

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    Very nice article.

    I did some side-by-side shots with my Canon a570is and my Nikon D40 and noticed the same thing. If the 35-140 mm (35mm equivalent) is adequate and the iso can be kept below iso400 you are hard pressed to tell the difference. On my trip to Brazil the D40 stayed home. Took 800 very nice pictures and short movies outdoors, at night, indoors, closeups in the rain forest and enjoyed traveling light.

    This is bad news for the DSLR


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    Nice comparison. But, to be a little more exacting, I’d use the same ISO for each camera. I expect noise to be more objectionable in the G-9 beyond ISO 400. And I notice that you didn’t do that.

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    o , yes.G9 my love

  56.  Rate Comment Up Rate Comment Down  error|1

    I have a G9. Generally it’s fine. Two problems: incredibly noisy at medium and high ISO – much worse than my old 7.2 megapixel Sony compact; and just too big and heavy to slip in a pants pocket. But snaps in sunlight are superb; you can print big.

  57.  Rate Comment Up Rate Comment Down  error|1

    The weight of arsenal is also an issue that I faced, and therefore I have just sold my 400d to pursue G9. My concern of G9 is on LCD, does anybody know whether the next G will have swivel feature?

  58.  Rate Comment Up Rate Comment Down  error|1

    Interesting article, and rather useful if, like me, you have a lot of gear but want something more portable. (I use EOS5D with the usual lenses and I also use Leica M8 for street stuff). The main point, I believe, is that if you are used to using heavyweight gear like this, will you be happy with the portable substitute. The answer looks to be yes for alot of situations. The point that “the best camera in teh world is no use if it’s sitting at home” sums it up. The G9 doesn’t compete directly, but is a good substitute. Given the right conditions I’m sure it will provide images good enough for a stock photo catalogue for example

  59.  Rate Comment Up Rate Comment Down  error|1

    I replaced my Nikon Coolpix 5000 with the Canon G9. I’m still learning the features but one thing I really miss is the swivel LCD – it allowed me to photgraph EASILY at any angle. The other thing I really don’t get is that the Nikon macro capabilities seemed way superior to the Canon. I don’t get it. Maybe I just need to learn more. But I find that the Canon really has trouble focusing when in macro mode and extremely close to subject. Also, with the Nikon, I could zoom in on subject, when in macro mode. I have not had any success with that when using the Canon. Otherwise, I’d have to say the Canon is superior – of course it is much newer. But the quality of the photos is impressive.

  60.  Rate Comment Up Rate Comment Down  error|1

    p.s. regarding lack of swivel LCD. It’s not as bad as you might think, because the LCD is so large and so clear – you can angle it and still see it very clearly.

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    I own a different set o cameras but for the same reasons.I have the Oly E500 for the best IM and the A720IS for the portability.I can’t agree more than what I ve read in this review.But I have to add two more advantages of the big sensor cameras, and that’s the dynamic range and the ability to mount filters,as the effect of them is very importand at the final image quality,eg. a polarizer filter.Though I have save several pictures with my faithfull A720, that I would have lost,lefting my E500 homealone.

    BTW Very clever and touchy review keep up

    Alex Athens Greece

  62.  Rate Comment Up Rate Comment Down  error|1

    Just found this blog.
    I’ve had my G9 for about a year now for taking with me in my car at all times.
    You confirm what I have always said since I first got my hands on it. I use a 40D ang am looking at the 50D at present.
    I expressed similar feelings about the G9s great picture image quality on the Canon forum and got cried down somewhat – although I do notice a lot of them are now using the G9 as a second camera. To be honest – I’ve not as yet explored all it’s operations and taken full advantage of all its menu options – I must be turning into a ‘Green Square’ operator. I love the video mode.

  63.  Rate Comment Up Rate Comment Down  error|1

    got the G9 for 6 months now.
    works perfect and easy.

  64.  Rate Comment Up Rate Comment Down  error|1

    What part of “unscientific yet unbiased comparison” are these people confused about?

    I like this article. It makes me feel good that I own a G9. I can’t afford a dSLR, so my G9 isn’t my backup camera, its my only camera.

    Its the kind of tool that, if you practice with it and know how to use it, you can take some pretty swank photos.

    I see kids at shows with Canon EOS cameras that cost more than my car. They spend a lot of time with their heads down pushing buttons a cussing. And as long as I can steady myself against a speaker or something, I can take a burst of 200 ISO 1/4″ exposures and be out of there before they figure out they paid too much for their flash.

  65.  Rate Comment Up Rate Comment Down  error|1

    Thanks for the comparison. I am looking to buy a cannon camera and have no idea of which one to get. So this article gave me a better idea of which one I should pick. I am not a professional nor a tech type camera person but I do want to take very nice pictures and this article was very friendly user to me. I could understand most of what you wanted to explain about the comparison with both. Thanks. Also, I read all the replies and found that I don’t want to lug extra lenses to get a couple of extra nice zoom or creamy shots. There are newer canon cameras out on the market and I am hoping to get the latest powershot 10.0.

  66.  Rate Comment Up Rate Comment Down  error|1

    Very interesting comparision with a surprising result!
    Some time ago I bought a Lumix D3 for the same reason – a camera, that I carry with me whenever I leave home. Maybe the quality is not so superb as from the G9, but it serves my needs. Shortcomings are the lack of a really wide angle lens and the poor quality at high ISO, compared to my Nikon D200, but also much less weight!

  67.  Rate Comment Up Rate Comment Down  error|1

    Interesting comparison. The problem is that I find myself needing a compact camera in situations where the great ISO performance, lighting shot speed, and lovely viewfinder of a 5D are almost essential, i.e. indoors, in which respect the old Fuji F30/F31 is probably more useful to me than the Powershot G9, simply because the noise is relatively unobtrusive at ISO 800.

    If I’m going to be out and about, I would be carrying the G9 in a bag, and if I’m going to carry a bag, why not carry the 5D instead? With a 50mm f1.4 and the battery grip removed it isn’t all that big or heavy, and if I wear a clown outfit it won’t even be obtrusive (people will be looking at the clown outfit rather than the camera).

    I think the comments about apparent depth of field miss the fact that the comparison presented here is between a 38mm zoom setting on the Canon 5D’s lens and what is in reality something like 9mm on the Powershot G9 (the G9 has a 4x sensor crop); the G9 images are taken from what would be an unusually great distance if the sensor was full-frame and the photographer was using a 9mm lens. That in part explains the G9′s inability to produce pleasingly shallow depth of field.

  68.  Rate Comment Up Rate Comment Down  error|1

    Thanks for the work. However, the comparison is not fair. Let me show you a little bit of an example.

    The second example with near focus for the wide angle and the background blur. The blur on the second shot is due to a shorter shooting time (1/800 vs 1/320). Longer shooting time yields a wider depth of field. The rest of the comments on ISO are true, as well. Anyway, the work is worth since the Powershot G9 is a wonderful camera to take. If you purchased it, you made a great choice.

  69.  Rate Comment Up Rate Comment Down  error|1

    Thanks for the comment Igor, but I think you’re mistaken. Depth of field is controlled by f-stop and focal length, and exposure time has little to do with it.

  70.  Rate Comment Up Rate Comment Down  error|1

    The results aren’t that surprising at all. The text you have written in your review influences the “review reader” quite alot.
    If I looked at the images without reading your text, this is what I would have concluded:

    1.) Every single time, the 5D produced less noise despite the fact that a lower ISO was used on it. In the first pic where there was plenty of light (enabling the use of ISO 80 on the G9) that difference was minimal. But the G9 produces way more noise at ISO 800 than the 5D does at 1600…to me that difference is huge.
    2.) In terms of lens quality…wow, the G9 is impressive!!
    3.) In terms macro ability, sure the G9 is good (can fill the frame without 22mm across, I tested it) but you have to get EXTREEMLY close to achieve it. You forgot to mention that a specialised macro lens will achieve the same thing but from a greater working distance….that is the key point!
    3.) There is no comparison. No one buys a compact for image quality, they buy it for versatility and convince. It can only mach the image quality of the 5D when the situation enables ISO 80 to be used. That’s the only time!

    I love my G9 but sooooo many times have lost indoor photos to motion blur and wished I could just turn the IOS up that little bit higher or open that appture that little bit more (f/4.8 is as open as it gets at 200mm).

  71.  Rate Comment Up Rate Comment Down  error|1

    I also don’t agree that you chose the “best” settings for each camera. Lower ISO is always better (better dynamic range and less noise).

    In the first shot, the settings used on the G9 worked fine. A faster shutter speed was not needed so why did you choose to setup up the ISO when using the 5D??

    Same goes for the second shot of pics, only in addition to that, why didn’t you use the lowest possible aperture on both cameras?? Weren’t you trying to test how well they throw the background out of focus??

    In the fourth test, testing macro, you complained that the 5D didn’t have as wider depth of feild, yet you pumped the ISO up to 1600 and reduced the exposure by reducing shutter speed. If you wanted a wider depth of field, why didn’t you close the aperture a bit??

    The telephoto indoors photo on the G9 worked fine. Once again, why you felt the need to use a higher ISO and increase shutter speed and close the aperture on the 5D is beond me. Obviously the 5D photo would be EVEN better if you hadn’t of made that decision.

    There is more photos but I have to go to work.

    In summary, this comparison is just silly.

  72.  Rate Comment Up Rate Comment Down  error|1

    Not to mention the fact that you used a 17-40 mm on the full frame 5D, but the widest you can possibly go on the G9 is 35mm. Surly that is worth a mention when comparing wide angle ability?

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