I have the domain. Now what do I do with it? Suggestions are welcome.

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    Turds wearing top hats. Duh.

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    i say it’s a blog / open forum for people to post pseudo classy people, trying to be cool. i.e. high maintenance bithces, people that go out in midtown.
    Will probably result in a bunch of picture of drunk bitches being retarded, maybe some vomit photos.

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    A collection of Jade Goody’s observations on world politics and socio-economic events

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    Do just what it says. Sell shit from exotic animals encased in non-opening containers. A great conversation piece for someones desk. “Hey Bill, what’s in this container?” – “Oh, it just some shit from a (insert classy animals name here)”

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    I actually have…
    (I liked that prodigy song). any ideas for better usage are welcome:)

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    It could be an online shop, selling gadgets from the ’80s… …nice way to make some profit :D

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    Famous peoples in shit position.

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