Cleverest Reaction Video

With all the negative reactions this site has been garnering lately (I’m talking to YOU, Russians), I thought I’d make a compilation video of people from around the world enjoying The Cleverest. Get ready for what turned out to be The Cleverest’s first commercial. Enjoy!

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    And if anyone’s interested in playing the Cruise VS Walken game, I just added it to the “Favorite Posts” section at the bottom of this and every page.

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    hey Mike (you’re Mike, right?)..
    I’ve got a link to your website via my friend and it looks pretty good..
    Quick question though: have u ever had any Russian friends, been to Moscow or any other Russian city? I think it will do you good to come here and meet us rather than post some strange things on your web page..
    What d’ya think? ;)

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    Lol awesome XD

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    Hi Lisa – thanks for asking. I have many Russian friends and I myself am actually part Russian. I just don’t like having comments on my website that I can’t read. But I DO like demonstrating my country’s delicate and subtle sense of humor by putting shit on things and provoking people for no reason. What could possibly go wrong?

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    Well… american sense of humor…what else can I say…

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    I prefere to put shit on humanity at all – it is more funny and no one can can think that i hate only him)

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    Looks like they all watch a porno..

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    sweet… what is the song in the background?

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    Hi Jake – the song in the background is “Gone Gone Gone” by The New Deal.

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    I’m too late but whatever.

    Dude, you rly have problems with it, i think you just too young(yeah i know you are mature maybe) to keep things real, without putting shit on whole country and million peoples or if you doing this, dont be surprised when your “awesome funny genius, cleverest” page is sinking in shit. Respect peoples and they will respect you. Living in usa you rly don’t know what to do, but putting shit on everything. Looks pathetic.

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    avtor prosto osel,ne bolee!)))

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    2 girls 1 cup? Tubgirl? I know what they’re watching!

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