Hyperlink Placement for Humor

My brother once pointed out that a well-placed hyperlink in a sentence is hilarious.

So here are some examples. (The links don’t go anywhere.)

The research, which was plagued with serious errors, was officially abandoned in February.

Previous attempts have proven largely unsuccessful.

The downsides of which are too numerous to mention.

While still 700 meters short of the previous world record, Timothy’s latest attempt was heralded as a great achievement.

Since then, however, the report has been discredited.

Any more? To the comments!

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    FYI – Since HTML links aren’t allowed in the comments section (not my doing), just use the bold tag and it should get the point across. Just like < b > this < / b > but without the spaces.

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    I tend not to leave comments because of things I have come to regret

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    I’d have preferred “While still 700 meters short of the previous world record…” Like, why the hell would that need to be highlighted – what link could it POSSIBLY go to. Sort of pointless. Like my life.

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    700 meters? I could think of some links. A lot of them disgusting.
    “Johnson said the news of his having AIDS came as a bit of a shock. After his seedy and irresponsible past, he had feared he has AIDS, and the unfortunate fact that he does indeed have full blown AIDS will always haunt him in that his AIDS are untreatable and he will probably die soon.
    Too much?

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    Gabe, there’s no such thing as too much.

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    If I never see you again for the rest of my life it will be too soon.

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    It was generally regarded as wise to recall the diapers.

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    It appears your brother is too easily amused.

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