iPhone 4S and iPhone 3GS Camera Comparison

As someone who’s stuck it out with an iPhone 3GS for the past two years, my upgrade to the iPhone 4S has me most excited about its improved camera.

Today I went around Long Island City and took some side-by-side shots with both the 4S and the 3GS, then shrunk both sets of images down to the same size. You can click each image to see the 3GS version because I am amazing at Javascript.

Overall the 4S photos are sharper, a little brighter, and seem to display more dynamic range across the board. There’s also better flare control, as you can see in the last photo. This is by no means a scientific or accurate comparison – just a little real-world example of what types of improvements we can expect with the 4S.

Click the photos to see the 3GS version. Seriously, why aren’t you clicking already?

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    Is there a difference in sensor size between the two ?

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    Clicking the last picture really rapidly will make it 3D :). Anyway, the 3GS looks crap…

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    Fake and gay…it`s everytime the same picture..just edited

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    yes… the waves in pic 3 are always the same.. and how could this be?

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