iPhone Gripe

A cool feature I noticed about the iPhone is that I don’t need to eject it from iTunes before unplugging it from my computer. Why can’t Apple figure out how to do this with a friggin iPod???

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    Because your iPod doesn’t have OSX on it, num-nuts. No OS, no “problem solving”.

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    Good point Clint – but my point is that OSX or not, it shouldn’t be too hard for Apple to program an iPod to not bark at your for unplugging it. I wouldn’t think you need a whole OS for that.

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    Yeah, that’s fair. I was just taking a unprovoked pop shot.

    Actually, I have no idea why because the iPod (despite now official OS) does have software on it so there’s some interaction happening with the host machine. Maybe it’s got something to do with the way the drive is formatted? I know iPods now are platform independent, so I’d think the drive is formatted in such a way that the software is independent of the storage and so it probably needs the machine to tell it when its finished, not vice versa.

    You buying that one?

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    Not for a second.

    Actually though, I did some digging and found that you’re on the right track. Basically, the iPod mounts a filesystem and the iPhone does not. Which makes sense – you wouldn’t unplug an external hard drive without ejecting it first. But the fact that the iPhone can sync all that data pretty quickly without mounting a filesystem is a pretty cool feat.

    Anyone know if you have to eject a Palm or a Blackberry after syncing?

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    I’m pretty sure iTunes mounts the filesystem on the iPhone prior to syncing it with all of your data, and then unmounts it when it’s done. There would be no way for the computer to communicate with the device if the filesystem wasn’t mounted.

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    Jeff – you and your facts can go fuck each other.

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    Mike, that was pure pwnage.

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