Using iPad as a: Google search

Think I’m finally “getting” the iPad. Here’s why:

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    A surprisingly pornography-free list there. Once again I underestimate the American consumer.

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    It might also be that you are logged in and it knows you are a technology-inclined person? Try logging out, if you didn’t already.

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    Youporn has the best free ipad porn. Not that I know from personal experience.

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    iPad morphs into anything. A netbook is just one of the things it morphs into. Book reader is another. Art tools, thin client, portable game system, whatever you need.

    My favorite is “portable multitrack recorder.”

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    I am waiting on the I pad as a remote support device. ex. the goto assist app would be nice

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    IPad is certainly proving to be pretty a versatile device. Air Video is pretty good and I only think it’ll be a matter of time before Apple start streaming more iTunes content via the cloud.

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    It’s funny how 6 of the 10 suggestions are for using it as a peripheral to some other device.

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    Tim Dorr – why is it funny? That is the way Apple has been spinning it from the first. iTunes is their central management console (for what it is worth) and each device becomes dependent on the server.

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    So, erm, all of those things will be things I use my netbook for.

    Wow. That’s revolutionary.

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    For the record, I’m pro-iPad, but this is pretty weak. You’ll get a pretty equivalent list for just about any search in that form including Windows Phone and Android.

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    Hamranhansenhansen: “iPad morphs into anything. A netbook is just one of the things it morphs into.”

    I’m not seeing it. 50% of a netbook’s physical form is a keyboard; the iPad has a software keyboard that even my iPad-loving friends don’t love. The most common use for a netbook that I’ve seen (second only to “checking Gmail”, which everyone seems to do with every kind of device) is “programming”, which the iPad downright forbids.

    It’s similar to a netbook. There’s a lot of overlap with netbooks. But it’s definitely not a superset of a netbook.

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    Some great points brought up here. @Tim – I’ve been using iSSH on the iPhone and iPad and I’m learning that with moderate VIM skills and an external keyboard, one could do some serious web programming on the iPad.

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    Pornhub has the best iPad porn site.

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    Mike: I’d agree you can do programming *through* an iPad, perhaps, same as any network-connected device, but *on* it?

    Saying that an SSH client makes an iPad good for web programming is like saying that my Palm Tungsten is good for supercomputing because I can log in to a supercomputer with it. It’s entirely predicated on a bunch of external hardware, not the least of which is a real computer running a web server.

    The great thing about a netbook — and what distinguishes them from, say, an X terminal — is that they’re a real computer that can make great use of a network connection but doesn’t require it. The iPad, AFAICT, can’t really be used for programming at all without a network connection.

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    Tim: fair call about the “programming on”/”programming through” distinction, but I have to admit my friends who do a lot of laptop-based dev work (for web sites, mostly) do so via a net connection online, so it’s no barrier to them. True it’s no good for prototyping prior to upload, for example, and you obviously can’t develop for iOS on it!

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    Actually, PinkVisualPad is the best site fully optimized for iPad porn

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    Using iPad as a newspaper for killing flies))

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